source: sans/Analysis/branches/ajj_23APR07/XOPs/SANSAnalysis/XOP/Func2D.h @ 231

Last change on this file since 231 was 231, checked in by srkline, 15 years ago

EXTENSIVE changes to the XOP.

DANSE code has been directly incorporated into our libSANSAnalysis. Maybe not the cleanest way it Mathieu changes much in his code, but hopefully not too much of a mess.

Our old libFunc2D.c(.h) has been deleted (and replaced with multiple files of Mathieu's code, danse.h has the "exported" functions that we want
-note that there are some overlapping file names, (like cylinder.c), but they belong to different targets.

In our XOP, Func2D has the XOP wrappers to the 2D functions in danse.h

so far, works only for Mac. Still needs to be ported to WIN. Lots more entries in SANSAnalysis.c(.r)

File size: 456 bytes
1/* Prototypes */
2/* IGOR Fit Functions */
4int Cylinder_2D(FitParams2DPtr p);
5int Cylinder_2D_Weight2D(FitParams2DWeightPtr p);
6int CoreShellCylinder_2D(FitParams2DPtr p);
7int CoreShellCylinder_2D_Weight2D(FitParams2DWeightPtr p);
8int Ellipsoid_2D(FitParams2DPtr p);
9int Ellipsoid_2D_Weight2D(FitParams2DWeightPtr p);
10int EllipticalCylinder_2D(FitParams2DPtr p);
11int EllipticalCylinder_2D_Weight2D(FitParams2DWeightPtr p);
12int Sphere_2D(FitParams2DPtr p);
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