source: sans/Analysis/branches/ajj_23APR07/XOPs/SANSAnalysis/XOP/StructureFactor.h @ 188

Last change on this file since 188 was 188, checked in by srkline, 15 years ago

removed depricated #pragma statement for structure alignment and replaced with proper includes as directed by WM.

Mac resource file has additional threadsafe declarations

File size: 465 bytes
[97]1// header for SphereFit.c
[188]3#include "XOPStructureAlignmentTwoByte.h"
5/* structs */
6typedef struct DiamParams{
7        double p2;
8        double p1;
9        double result;
10}DiamParams, *DiamParamsPtr;
[188]12#include "XOPStructureAlignmentReset.h"
[97]14/* IGOR Fit Functions */
15int HardSphereStructX(FitParamsPtr p);
16int SquareWellStructX(FitParamsPtr p);
17int StickyHS_StructX(FitParamsPtr p);
18int HayterPenfoldMSAX(FitParamsPtr p);
19int DiamCylX(DiamParamsPtr p);
20int DiamEllipX(DiamParamsPtr p);
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