source: sans/Analysis/branches/ajj_23APR07/XOPs/SANSAnalysis/XOP/TwoPhase.h @ 102

Last change on this file since 102 was 97, checked in by ajj, 16 years ago

Now committing the code correctly - having relied on XCode's SVN interface which doesn't behave (quelle surprise).

I hope this isn't too screwed up.

File size: 460 bytes
1// header for TwoPhaseFit.c
3//function prototypes
4/* IGOR Fit Functions */
5int TeubnerStreyModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
6int Power_Law_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
7int Peak_Lorentz_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
8int Peak_Gauss_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
9int Lorentz_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
10int FractalX(FitParamsPtr p);
11int DAB_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
12int OneLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
13int TwoLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
14int ThreeLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
15int FourLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
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