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Changes to the installer to ask the user to close (kill) any open help files. We have to trust the user did this correctly or the old help files won't be removed, and the new help files will be stuck in the install folder.

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1To install the NCNR Reduction and Analysis Package:
3(1) - Unzip the downloaded package
4(2) - Double click on the NCNR_Install_or_Update.pxp experiment
5(3) - If there are any help files open, you will be asked to close them. NOTE: be
6        sure to hold down the option (or alt) key when closing them to kill them
7        not just hide them.
8(4) - Click on "Install SANS Macros"
9(5) - When the installer is finished, you will be asked to Quit Igor (yes, do it,
10        and save changes to the experiment.)
12- SANS_Reduction, USANS_Reduction, and Analysis templates are located in the same
13folder as the installer (these are the starting points)
14- Example data for reduction and analysis are in NCNR_SANS_Utilities
15- A folder with instructions and a template for writing your own analysis function
16is included (Single_Model_Template)
17- Help files are integral to each template. Open any of the templates and click
18on "Help" or "?" from any of the panels to view the help files.
19- Any previous installations, including any files you may have modified are moved
20to the NCNR_Moved_Files folder. Look in here for anything that you may want to
25To Update the Package:
27(1) - double click on the NCNR_Install_or_Update.pxp experiment
28(2) - Click on "Check for Updates"
29(3) - The updater will check the version installed versus the version available
30on the NCNR website. If your version is out-of-date, you will be sent to the NCNR
32(4) If you need to update, download the current version (.zip), and run the installer
33as in the first step.
40(1) - double click on the NCNR_Install_or_Update.pxp experiment
41(2) - Click on "Print Diagnostics"
42(3) - Select and copy the entire contents of the notebook of diagnostics, and
43paste it into an e-mail.
47May 2008 SRK
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