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Last change on this file since 475 was 475, checked in by srkline, 14 years ago

Added a new, simpler procedure to do a global fit of two data sets with a single model. This is for the most common case of USANS+SANS data. This now appears as a new Package "Simple Global Fit". Still in testing mode, many features are intentionally NOT there. This is supposed to be simple. Not all features will be added.

Includes, GlobalFit? changed to accomodate the new procedure, and provide better formatted report.

Main_USANS changed to repair display glitch on main panel in the status listbox

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1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=4.0
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.0
6// the list of files to include in the SANS reduction experiment
7//  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
8// or sub-folders
11//always include the picker
12#include "SANSModelPicker_v40"                  version>=4.00
13//utility procedures
14#include "GaussUtils_v40"                               version>=4.00
15#include "NIST_XML_V40"                                 //added September 2008
16#include "PlotUtilsMacro_v40"                   version>=4.00
17#include "PlotManager_v40"                              version>=4.00
19#include "USANS_SlitSmearing_v40"
20#include "WriteModelData_v40"
21#include "Wrapper_v40"
22#include "PlotUtils2D_v40"
23#include "GizmoCylinder_v40"
25#include "CheckVersionFTP"                              //added June 2008
28Menu "SANS Models"
29        "Fit Manager", Init_WrapperPanel()
30        "Load Model Functions",Execute/P "INSERTINCLUDE \"SANSModelPicker_v40\"";Execute/P "COMPILEPROCEDURES ";Execute/P "ModelPicker_Panel()"
31        "Load and Plot Manager", Show_Plot_Manager()
32        "Freeze Model"
33        "Write Model Data"
34        "-"
35        Submenu "Packages"
36                "Sum Two Models",Execute/P "INSERTINCLUDE \"SumSANSModels_v40\"";Execute/P "COMPILEPROCEDURES ";Execute/P "Init_SumModelPanel()"
37                "Global Fitting",Execute/P "INSERTINCLUDE \"GlobalFit2_NCNR_v40\"";Execute/P "COMPILEPROCEDURES ";Execute/P "WM_NewGlobalFit1#InitNewGlobalFitPanel()"
38                "Simple Global Fitting",Execute/P "INSERTINCLUDE \"GlobalFit2_NCNR_v40\"";Execute/P "INSERTINCLUDE \"SimpleGlobalFit_NCNR_v40\"";Execute/P "COMPILEPROCEDURES ";Execute/P "Init_SimpleGlobalFit()"
39                "Determine Invariant",Execute/P "INSERTINCLUDE \"Invariant_v40\"";Execute/P "COMPILEPROCEDURES ";Execute/P "Make_Invariant_Panel()"
40                "Do Linear Fits",Execute/P "INSERTINCLUDE \"LinearizedFits_v40\"";Execute/P "COMPILEPROCEDURES ";Execute/P "A_OpenFitPanel()"
41        End
42        "-"
43        Submenu "2D Utilities"
44                "Generate Fake QxQy Data",FakeQxQy()
45                "Show Cylinder Orientation"
46                "Change Angle"
47        end
48        "-"
49        "Feedback or Bug Report",OpenTracTicketPage()
50        "Open Help Movie Page",OpenHelpMoviePage()
51        "Check for Updates",CheckForLatestVersion()
54Function OpenTracTicketPage()
55        DoAlert 1,"Your web browser will open to a page where you can submit your bug report or feature request. OK?"
56        if(V_flag==1)
57                BrowseURL ""
58        endif
61Function OpenHelpMoviePage()
62        DoAlert 1,"Your web browser will open to a page where you can view help movies. OK? (You must have QuickTime installed)"
63        if(V_flag==1)
64                BrowseURL ""
65                // Andrew has set up a http page too. Try to use this in the future
66                //BrowseURL ""
67        endif
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