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Merging changes:

NCNR_Utils -> merging these into FACILITY, HFIR, and ILL_Utils

HFIR files merged by hand to reflect JaeHie?'s 29JUL09 version

Changed MainPanel? to look for TISANE or RealTime? functions to prevent button procedures from being called when the procedures aren't there. Seemed easier than separate versions without the buttons. #define at the begining of TISANE.ipf -> #ifdef in MainPanel? didn't work for some reason?

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1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=5.0
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.1
6// the list of files to include in the SANS reduction experiment
7//  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
8// or sub-folders
10// these procedure files are those used in version 5.0 of the
11// SANS Reduction macros, August 2006
13#include "AvgGraphics"                  version>=5.0
14#include "Buttons"                              version>=5.0
15#include "CatVSTable"                   version>=5.0
16#include "CircSectAve"                  version>=5.0
17#include "Correct"                              version>=5.0
18#include "DisplayUtils"                 version>=5.0
19#include "FIT_Ops"                              version>=5.0
20#include "Initialize"                   version>=5.0
21#include "MainPanel"                    version>=5.0
22#include "Marquee"                              version>=5.0
23#include "MaskUtils"                    version>=5.0
24#include "Menu"                                 version>=5.0
25#include "MultipleReduce"               version>=5.0
26#include "NSORT"                                        version>=5.0
27#include "PatchFiles"                   version>=5.0
28//#include "PlotUtils"                  version>=5.0
29//AJJ October 2008 - switch to shared file loader
30#include "PlotUtilsMacro_v40"
31#include "NIST_XML_v40"
32#include "cansasXML_v11"
33#include "USANS_SlitSmearing_v40"
34#include "GaussUtils_v40" // for isSANSResolution - could put this function elsewhere
36#include "ProDiv"                               version>=5.0
37#include "ProtocolAsPanel"              version>=5.0
38//#include "RawDataReader"              version>=5.0                    //branched 29MAR07
39#include "RawWindowHook"                version>=5.0
40#include "RectAnnulAvg"                 version>=5.0
41#include "Schematic"                    version>=5.0
42#include "Tile_2D"                              version>=5.0
43#include "Transmission"                 version>=5.0
44//#include "VAXFileUtils"                       version>=5.0            //branched 29MAR07
45#include "WorkFileUtils"                version>=5.0
46#include "WriteQIS"                             version>=5.0
47// removed RT button from main panel AUG2006
48// removed RT ipf file in 29MAR07 branch (do not delete, but do not include or maintain)
49//Add back Real Time for ICE
50////#include "RealTimeUpdate_RT"                version>=5.0           
51#include "SANSPreferences"                              version>=5.0            //NEW 05MAY03
52#include "Subtract_1D"                          version>=5.0                    //NEW 14MAY03
54#include "HFIR_Utils"                                                                   //new in the 29MAR07 branch
55#include "HFIR_DataReadWrite"                                                   //new in the 29MAR07 branch
56#include "SANS_Utilities"                                                               //new in the 29MAR07 branch
58// new in Jan 2008
59////#include "SASCALC"
60#include "CheckVersionFTP"                              //added June 2008
61////#include "MultScatter_MonteCarlo_2D"                        //Oct 2008 SRK for SASCALC simulation
64//#include "TISANE"
67//AJJ Oct 2008
68#include "PlotManager_v40"
70// SRK JUN2009
71#include "Smear_2D"             //2D resolution calculation and smearing
74// a simple list of items to add to the Beta menu
75// to allow testing of these features
77// To activate the SANSBeta menu, change "xMenu" to "Menu"
78// and click "compile" at the bottom of this window. The SANSBeta
79// menu will appear in the menubar.
81Menu "SANSBeta"
82        "Help for Beta Operations",DisplayHelpTopic/Z/K=1 "Beta SANS Tools"
83        "-"
84        "FillEMPUsingSelection"
85//      "GuessEveryTransFile"
86//      "GuessSelectedTransFiles"
87        "ClearSelectedTransAssignments"
88        "-"
89////    "CreateRunNumList"
90////    "TransList"
91        "ScatteringAtSDDList"
92////    "RemoveRunFromList"
93        "FillMREDList"
94        "-"
95////    "Set3NSORTFiles"
96        "CreateTableToCombine"
97        "DoCombineFiles"
98        "-"
99        "Convert To Lens"
100        "Convert To Pinhole"
101        "Patch Detector Pixel Size"
102        "Read Detector Pixel Size"
103        "Patch User Account Name"
104        "Read User Account Name"
105        "Patch Monitor Count"
106        "Read Monitor Count"
107        "-"
108        "AddALLToLayout"
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