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Last change on this file since 668 was 668, checked in by srkline, 13 years ago

Made the preference panel fancier, with a tab control. this makes it much easier to add more things in the future. Added two more SANS items to turn off some detector corrections. good for testing, but maybe a bit dangerous.

removed the SANSPreferences procedure file from the general includes list for reduction. kept it in the very old versions of the includes (510 and older) for backwards comaptibility. new experiments start with 520 or higher.

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1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=5.0
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.1
6// be sure to add a definition for your facility so that
7// minor changes to the core code can be added through compiler directives
10//Function FACILITY()
11//      //does nothing but define FACILITY()
12//      return(0)
17// the list of files to include in the SANS reduction experiment
18//  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
19// or sub-folders
21// these procedure files are those used in version 5.0 of the
22// SANS Reduction macros, August 2006
24#include "AvgGraphics"                  version>=5.0
25#include "Buttons"                              version>=5.0
26#include "CatVSTable"                   version>=5.0
27#include "CircSectAve"                  version>=5.0
28#include "Correct"                              version>=5.0
29#include "DisplayUtils"                 version>=5.0
30#include "FIT_Ops"                              version>=5.0
31#include "Initialize"                   version>=5.0
32#include "MainPanel"                    version>=5.0
33#include "Marquee"                              version>=5.0
34#include "MaskUtils"                    version>=5.0
35#include "Menu"                                 version>=5.0
36#include "MultipleReduce"               version>=5.0
37#include "NSORT"                                        version>=5.0
38#include "PatchFiles"                   version>=5.0
39#include "PlotUtils"                    version>=5.0
40#include "ProDiv"                               version>=5.0
41#include "ProtocolAsPanel"              version>=5.0
42//#include "RawDataReader"              version>=5.0                    //branched 29MAR07
43#include "RawWindowHook"                version>=5.0
44#include "RectAnnulAvg"                 version>=5.0
45#include "Schematic"                    version>=5.0
46#include "Tile_2D"                              version>=5.0
47#include "Transmission"                 version>=5.0
48//#include "VAXFileUtils"                       version>=5.0            //branched 29MAR07
49#include "WorkFileUtils"                version>=5.0
50#include "WriteQIS"                             version>=5.0
51// removed RT button from main panel AUG2006
52// removed RT ipf file in 29MAR07 branch (do not delete, but do not include or maintain)
53//#include "RealTimeUpdate_RT"          version>=5.0           
54#include "Subtract_1D"                          version>=5.0                    //NEW 14MAY03
56#include "FACILITY_Utils"                                                                       //new in the 29MAR07 branch
57#include "FACILITY_DataReadWrite"                                                       //new in the 29MAR07 branch
58#include "SANS_Utilities"                                                               //new in the 29MAR07 branch
60// to include the analysis packages, uncomment the following
61// include statement and click "compile" at the bottom of this window.
62// ** the SANSModels menu will appear, and the packages will be
63// available under the Macros menu as usual.
65//#include "Analysis_SRK"
68// a simple list of items to add to the Beta menu
69// to allow testing of these features
71// To activate the SANSBeta menu, change "xMenu" to "Menu"
72// and click "compile" at the bottom of this window. The SANSBeta
73// menu will appear in the menubar.
75Menu "SANSBeta"
76        "FillEMPUsingSelection"
77        "GuessEveryTransFiles"
78        "GuessSelectedTransFiles"
79        "ClearSelectedTransAssignments"
80        "-"
81////    "CreateRunNumList"
82////    "TransList"
83        "ScatteringAtSDDList"
84////    "RemoveRunFromList"
85        "FillMREDList"
86        "-"
87////    "Set3NSORTFiles"
88        "CreateTableToCombine"
89        "DoCombineFiles"
90        "-"
91        "Convert To Lens"
92        "Convert To Pinhole"
93        "-"
94        "AddALLToLayout"
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