source: sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/SANS/Includes_v520.ipf @ 641

Last change on this file since 641 was 641, checked in by srkline, 13 years ago

A variety of changes to get some of the basic reduction functions working with HFIR raw data files.

Patch now works correctly without duplicating file names in the popup list.

Transmissions can be assigned and calculated now that I've changed the critera for deciding if a file is a transmission file. Hopefully this will always work - it's based on the beamstop y-position being less than 30 mm for all four beam stops.

When checking for a DIV file, it returns an OK if the extension is .xml, since the raw data and div files can't be distinguished like the binary VAX data.

The file catalog is correct, but still excruciatingly slow.

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1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=5.0
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.1
6// to properly set up the template for other facility reduction templates,
7// function NCNR() must exist here in the Includes file.
9Function NCNR()
10        //does nothing but define NCNR()
11        return(0)
16// the list of files to include in the SANS reduction experiment
17//  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
18// or sub-folders
20// these procedure files are those used in version 5.0 of the
21// SANS Reduction macros, August 2006
23#include "AvgGraphics"                  version>=5.0
24#include "Buttons"                              version>=5.0
25#include "CatVSTable"                   version>=5.0
26#include "CircSectAve"                  version>=5.0
27#include "Correct"                              version>=5.0
28#include "DisplayUtils"                 version>=5.0
29#include "FIT_Ops"                              version>=5.0
30#include "Initialize"                   version>=5.0
31#include "MainPanel"                    version>=5.0
32#include "Marquee"                              version>=5.0
33#include "MaskUtils"                    version>=5.0
34#include "Menu"                                 version>=5.0
35#include "MultipleReduce"               version>=5.0
36#include "NSORT"                                        version>=5.0
37#include "PatchFiles"                   version>=5.0
38//#include "PlotUtils"                  version>=5.0
39//AJJ October 2008 - switch to shared file loader
40#include "PlotUtilsMacro_v40"
41#include "NIST_XML_v40"
42//#include "cansasXML_v11"
43#include "USANS_SlitSmearing_v40"
44#include "GaussUtils_v40" // for isSANSResolution - could put this function elsewhere
46#include "ProDiv"                               version>=5.0
47#include "ProtocolAsPanel"              version>=5.0
48//#include "RawDataReader"              version>=5.0                    //branched 29MAR07
49#include "RawWindowHook"                version>=5.0
50#include "RectAnnulAvg"                 version>=5.0
51#include "Schematic"                    version>=5.0
52#include "Tile_2D"                              version>=5.0
53#include "Transmission"                 version>=5.0
54//#include "VAXFileUtils"                       version>=5.0            //branched 29MAR07
55#include "WorkFileUtils"                version>=5.0
56#include "WriteQIS"                             version>=5.0
57// removed RT button from main panel AUG2006
58// removed RT ipf file in 29MAR07 branch (do not delete, but do not include or maintain)
59//Add back Real Time for ICE
60#include "RealTimeUpdate_RT"            version>=5.0           
61#include "SANSPreferences"                              version>=5.0            //NEW 05MAY03
62#include "Subtract_1D"                          version>=5.0                    //NEW 14MAY03
64#include "NCNR_Utils"                                                                   //new in the 29MAR07 branch
65#include "NCNR_DataReadWrite"                                                   //new in the 29MAR07 branch
66#include "SANS_Utilities"                                                               //new in the 29MAR07 branch
68// new in Jan 2008
69#include "SASCALC"
70#include "CheckVersionFTP"                              //added June 2008
71#include "MultScatter_MonteCarlo_2D"                    //Oct 2008 SRK for SASCALC simulation
74#include "TISANE"
77//AJJ Oct 2008
78#include "PlotManager_v40"
80// SRK JUN2009
81#include "Smear_2D"             //2D resolution calculation and smearing
83//AJJ Nov 2009
84#include "DataSetHandling"
85#include "WriteModelData_v40"
88// a simple list of items to add to the Beta menu
89// to allow testing of these features
91// To activate the SANSBeta menu, change "xMenu" to "Menu"
92// and click "compile" at the bottom of this window. The SANSBeta
93// menu will appear in the menubar.
95Menu "SANSBeta"
96        "Help for Beta Operations",DisplayHelpTopic/Z/K=1 "Beta SANS Tools"
97        "-"
98        "FillEMPUsingSelection"
99//      "GuessEveryTransFile"
100//      "GuessSelectedTransFiles"
101        "ClearSelectedTransAssignments"
102        "-"
103////    "CreateRunNumList"
104////    "TransList"
105        "ScatteringAtSDDList"
106////    "RemoveRunFromList"
107        "FillMREDList"
108        "-"
109////    "Set3NSORTFiles"
110        "CreateTableToCombine"
111        "DoCombineFiles"
112        "-"
113        "Convert To Lens"
114        "Convert To Pinhole"
115        "Patch Detector Pixel Size"
116        "Read Detector Pixel Size"
117        "Patch User Account Name"
118        "Read User Account Name"
119        "Patch Monitor Count"
120        "Read Monitor Count"
121        "Read Detector Count"
122        "-"
123        "PatchFileNameInHeader"
124        "ReadFileNameInHeader"
125        "-"
126        "AddALLToLayout"
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