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Last change on this file since 588 was 588, checked in by srkline, 13 years ago

Added conditional compile instructions to some reduction procedure files that have only minor facility-specific changes. These changes are not significant enough to merit a separate facility file that must be maintained with essentially duplicate functions.

#define SYMBOL was attempted, but did not work since the symbols weren't actually defined until after the compile... and I couldn't figure out how to define - then compile. in additon, the table is static until Igor is quit - so multiple symbols could be defined, and compiling would fail.

So... the method now that appears to work is to put a dummy function for each facility in its facility specific "Includes" file. Then the conditional compilation checks for exists("function").

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1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=5.0
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.1
7// to properly set up the template for ILL Data Reduction, the dummy
8// function ILL_D22() must exist here in the Includes file.
10Function ILL_D22()
11        //does nothing but define ILL_D22()
12        return(0)
18// the list of files to include in the SANS reduction experiment
19//  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
20// or sub-folders
22// these procedure files are those used in version 5.0 of the
23// SANS Reduction macros, August 2006
25#include "AvgGraphics"                  version>=5.0
26#include "Buttons"                              version>=5.0
27#include "CatVSTable"                   version>=5.0
28#include "CircSectAve"                  version>=5.0
29#include "Correct"                              version>=5.0
30#include "DisplayUtils"                 version>=5.0
31#include "FIT_Ops"                              version>=5.0
32#include "Initialize"                   version>=5.0
33#include "MainPanel"                    version>=5.0
34#include "Marquee"                              version>=5.0
35#include "MaskUtils"                    version>=5.0
36#include "Menu"                                 version>=5.0
37#include "MultipleReduce"               version>=5.0
38#include "NSORT"                                        version>=5.0
39#include "PatchFiles"                   version>=5.0
40//#include "PlotUtils"                  version>=5.0
41//AJJ October 2008 - switch to shared file loader
42#include "PlotUtilsMacro_v40"
43#include "NIST_XML_v40"
44#include "cansasXML_v11"
45#include "USANS_SlitSmearing_v40"
46#include "GaussUtils_v40" // for isSANSResolution - could put this function elsewhere
48#include "ProDiv"                               version>=5.0
49#include "ProtocolAsPanel"              version>=5.0
50//#include "RawDataReader"              version>=5.0                    //branched 29MAR07
51#include "RawWindowHook"                version>=5.0
52#include "RectAnnulAvg"                 version>=5.0
53#include "Schematic"                    version>=5.0
54#include "Tile_2D"                              version>=5.0
55#include "Transmission"                 version>=5.0
56//#include "VAXFileUtils"                       version>=5.0            //branched 29MAR07
57#include "WorkFileUtils"                version>=5.0
58#include "WriteQIS"                             version>=5.0
59// removed RT button from main panel AUG2006
60// removed RT ipf file in 29MAR07 branch (do not delete, but do not include or maintain)
61//#include "RealTimeUpdate_RT"          version>=5.0           
62#include "SANSPreferences"                              version>=5.0            //NEW 05MAY03
63#include "Subtract_1D"                          version>=5.0                    //NEW 14MAY03
65#include "ILL_Utils"                                                                    //new in the 29MAR07 branch
66#include "ILL_DataReadWrite"                                                    //new in the 29MAR07 branch
67#include "SANS_Utilities"                                                               //new in the 29MAR07 branch
69// new in Jan 2008
70#include "SASCALC"
71#include "CheckVersionFTP"                              //added June 2008
72#include "MultScatter_MonteCarlo_2D"                    //Oct 2008 SRK for SASCALC simulation
75//AJJ Oct 2008
76#include "PlotManager_v40"
79// a simple list of items to add to the Beta menu
80// to allow testing of these features
82// To activate the SANSBeta menu, change "xMenu" to "Menu"
83// and click "compile" at the bottom of this window. The SANSBeta
84// menu will appear in the menubar.
86Menu "SANSBeta"
87        "Help for Beta Operations",DisplayHelpTopic/Z/K=1 "Beta SANS Tools"
88        "-"
89        "FillEMPUsingSelection"
90//      "GuessEveryTransFile"
91//      "GuessSelectedTransFiles"
92        "ClearSelectedTransAssignments"
93        "-"
94////    "CreateRunNumList"
95////    "TransList"
96        "ScatteringAtSDDList"
97////    "RemoveRunFromList"
98        "FillMREDList"
99        "-"
100////    "Set3NSORTFiles"
101        "CreateTableToCombine"
102        "DoCombineFiles"
103        "-"
104        "Convert To Lens"
105        "Convert To Pinhole"
106        "Patch Detector Pixel Size"
107        "Read Detector Pixel Size"
108        "-"
109        "AddALLToLayout"
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