source: sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/SANS/SANSPreferences.ipf @ 665

Last change on this file since 665 was 665, checked in by srkline, 13 years ago

Made preferences a common panel (moved to PlotUtilsMacro?.ipf and globals to root:Packages:NIST:) and added menu items for all packages. Many files had to be modified so that the preferences could be properly accessed

File Open dialog now is set to "All files" so that XML can be selected. I think that all open access that doesn't already have the full path go through this common function.

File size: 103 bytes
1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=5.0
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.1
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