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Last change on this file since 1004 was 693, checked in by srkline, 13 years ago

Corrected the identification of HFIR trans files

Added new includes for analysis and usans, with higher version numbers. the old ones now simply point to the new one. this provides a mechanism for identifying experiments that were generated and saved with an older version of the macros - the old include file will be present. All three packages now display an alert if the experiment was generated from asn old version of the macros.

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1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=2.20
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.1
6///point to the current version, so I can recognize old experiments
7#include "USANS_Includes_v230"
11//// the list of files to include in the USANS reduction experiment
12////  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
13//// or sub-folders
16//#include "BT5_Loader",version >= 2.20
17//#include "COR_Graph",version >= 2.20                 
18//#include "Main_USANS",version >= 2.20
19//#include "PlotUtilsMacro_v40",version >= 2.20
20//#include "NIST_XML_v40"
21//#include "USANS_SlitSmearing_v40"     
22//#include "WriteUSANSData",version >= 2.20     
23//#include "LakeDesmearing_JB",version >= 2.20 
24//#include "USANSCatNotebook",version >= 2.20   
25//#include "CheckVersionFTP"                            //added June 2008
26//#include "GaussUtils_v40"                             //added Oct 2008 for unified file loading
27//#include "BT5_AddFiles"                                       //Oct 2009 to add raw data files
29//// USANS simulation and required procedures
30//#include "U_CALC"
31//#include "USANS_EmptyWaves"
32//#include "MultScatter_MonteCarlo_2D"
33//#include "SASCALC"
34//#include "NCNR_DataReadWrite"
35//#include "SANS_Utilities"
36//#include "NCNR_Utils"
37//#include "MultipleReduce"
39////AJJ for data set output?
40////#include "DataSetHandling"
41////#Include "WriteModelData_v40"
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