source: sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/USANS/USANS_Includes.ipf @ 472

Last change on this file since 472 was 472, checked in by srkline, 14 years ago

A large number of changes and fixes:

--168/169/170: panels and windows are now at least on-screen for all packages. Tested
with 1024x768 resolution.
-- closed ticket 176 which was a question about resampling data to generate error estimates
on fitted parameters. Useful for reflectometry, not needed for SANS.
--157: bug of low Q power law extrapolation in Invariant fixed by avoiding q==0
--178/180: Tr/Tw? notification in USANS. log/lin checkbox for display.
--167: saveData checkbox for USANS not behaving well. turns off/on better now.
--197: changed all (?) 1D writing routines to enforce 26 characters as the maximum length
to make sure that file loading will never exceed 31 characters

-- lots of changes to MonteCarlo? and SASCALC

  • SASCALC now enforces *exact* lens conditions, rather than a close approximation
  • improved MonteCarlo? interface panel
  • added writer for simlulated VAX binary data file
  • can save 2D as ABS or raw counts
  • can freeze w/no offset
  • Property eol-style set to native
File size: 809 bytes
1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=2.20
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.0
6// the list of files to include in the USANS reduction experiment
7//  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
8// or sub-folders
11#include "BT5_Loader",version >= 2.20   
12#include "COR_Graph",version >= 2.20                   
13#include "Main_USANS",version >= 2.20   
14#include "PlotUtilsMacro_v40",version >= 2.20
15#include "NIST_XML_v40"
16#include "USANS_SlitSmearing_v40"       
17#include "WriteUSANSData",version >= 2.20       
18#include "LakeDesmearing_JB",version >= 2.20   
19#include "USANSCatNotebook",version >= 2.20     
20#include "CheckVersionFTP"                              //added June 2008
21#include "GaussUtils_v40"                               //added Oct 2008 for unified file loading
22#include "WriteQIS"                             //added Jan 2009 for fileSaveDialog
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