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Initial separation of facility-specific initialization from the USANS reduction procedures. This is being done to enable the KIST-USANS instrument to use the NCNR reduction scheme. KIST will duplicate the .bt5 file structure but use a different extension.

For this, files for KIST have been created for USANS-specifc, and for some SANS-specific procedures that are entangled with the XML writing and with the USANS simulator.

Corresponding changes (new U_NCNR_Utils) have been added for NCNR-specific USANS initialization.

More will need to be done to disentangle the U_CALC, but at a later date. See ticket #334.

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[693]1#pragma rtGlobals=1             // Use modern global access method.
2#pragma version=2.20
3#pragma IgorVersion=6.1
6// to properly set up the template for other facility reduction templates,
7// function NCNR_USANS() must exist here in the Includes file.
9Function NCNR_USANS()
10        //does nothing but define NCNR_USANS()
11        return(0)
16// the list of files to include in the USANS reduction experiment
17//  - files must be located somewhere in the User Procedures folder
18// or sub-folders
[693]22#include "BT5_Loader",version >= 2.20   
23#include "COR_Graph",version >= 2.20                   
24#include "Main_USANS",version >= 2.20   
25#include "PlotUtilsMacro_v40",version >= 2.20
[807]26#include "NIST_XML_v40"                                 //cansas file writer
[693]27#include "USANS_SlitSmearing_v40"       
28#include "WriteUSANSData",version >= 2.20       
29#include "LakeDesmearing_JB",version >= 2.20   
30#include "USANSCatNotebook",version >= 2.20     
31#include "CheckVersionFTP"                              //added June 2008
32#include "GaussUtils_v40"                               //added Oct 2008 for unified file loading
33#include "BT5_AddFiles"                                 //Oct 2009 to add raw data files
[807]34#include "NCNR_Utils"                                   //needed for NIST_XML
35#include "U_NCNR_Utils"                                 //USANS-specific initialization
[693]38// USANS simulation and required procedures
39#include "U_CALC"
40#include "USANS_EmptyWaves"
41#include "MultScatter_MonteCarlo_2D"
42#include "SASCALC"
43#include "NCNR_DataReadWrite"
44#include "SANS_Utilities"
45#include "MultipleReduce"
[739]46#include "WriteQIS"
[740]48//AJJ for data set output
49#include "DataSetHandling"
50#Include "WriteModelData_v40"
51#include "PlotManager_v40"
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