source: sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/VSANS_Includes.ipf @ 954

Last change on this file since 954 was 954, checked in by srkline, 8 years ago

converted and renamed VSANS files. "VC_" prefix for VCALC related files (that's all of them right now), and moved and renamed parts of files so that the ipf names are more logical now with the contents. Deleted the "V_" prefix files. Added a lengthy routine to be able to write out a VSANS file in HDF format. This is NOT the final and approved data format, only a working version so that I can test things out...

File size: 331 bytes
[935]1#pragma rtGlobals=3             // Use modern global access method and strict wave access.
[954]3#include "VC_DetectorBinning_Q"
4#include "VC_DetectorBinning_Slit"
5#include "VC_DetectorBinning_Utils"
6#include "VC_FrontView_Deg"     
7#include "VC_HDF5_VSANS_Write"
8#include "VC_SideView"
9#include "VC_UtilityProcedures"
10#include "VC_VCALCPanel_MockUp"
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