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Last change on this file since 758 was 758, checked in by srkline, 12 years ago

Changes to DebyeSpheres? to convert everything to double, rather than float.

Changes to MonteCarlo? to use a local definition of round(), since it's not a standard function in Visual Studio's math.h. Easier to just write my own and give it an odd name - MC_round()

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2 *
3 *  Created by Steve Kline on Tue Dec 15 2009.
4 *  Copyright (c) 2009 NCNR. All rights reserved.
5 *
6 */
8//#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>
9#include <stdio.h>
11// Parameters passed from Igor to the function, in reverse order of the parameter list
12// result is the last parameter, always.
13typedef struct AltiParams {
14    double       grid;          // effective c-to-c distance between spheres = 0.62*Rprimary
15    double   Rprimary;  //primary sphere radius
16        waveHndl rhowavH;       // rho at xyz!!!
17        waveHndl zwavH; // z coordinate. ALL are expected to be SP waves
18        waveHndl ywavH; // y coordinate.
19        waveHndl xwavH; // x coordinate.
20    double qval;        // q-value.
21        void* tp;                       //unused void for threadsafe functions
22        double result;
23}AltiParams, *AltiParamsPtr;   
26double PhiQR(double qval, double rval);
27double XYZDistance(double x1, double x2,double y1, double y2,double z1, double z2);
28int DebyeSpheresX(AltiParamsPtr p);
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