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Changes to the XOP code to use the newly added functions (2008 models).

XOPs have been verified against the Igor version of the code.

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2        CylinderFit.h -- equates for CylinderFit XOP
6/* Prototypes */
7/* IGOR Fit Functions */
8int CylinderFormX(FitParamsPtr p);
9int EllipCyl76X(FitParamsPtr p);
10int EllipticalCylinderX(FitParamsPtr p);
11int TriaxialEllipsoidX(FitParamsPtr p);
12int ParallelepipedX(FitParamsPtr p);
13int HollowCylinderX(FitParamsPtr p);
14int EllipsoidFormX(FitParamsPtr p);
15int Cyl_PolyRadiusX(FitParamsPtr p);
16int Cyl_PolyLengthX(FitParamsPtr p);
17int CoreShellCylinderX(FitParamsPtr p);
18int OblateFormX(FitParamsPtr p);
19int ProlateFormX(FitParamsPtr p);
20int FlexExclVolCylX(FitParamsPtr p);
21int FlexCyl_PolyLenX(FitParamsPtr p);
22int FlexCyl_PolyRadX(FitParamsPtr p);
23int FlexCyl_EllipX(FitParamsPtr p);
24int PolyCoShCylinderX(FitParamsPtr p);
25int StackedDiscsX(FitParamsPtr p);
26int LamellarFFX(FitParamsPtr p);
27int LamellarFF_HGX(FitParamsPtr p);
28int LamellarPSX(FitParamsPtr p);
29int LamellarPS_HGX(FitParamsPtr p);
30int SpherocylinderX(FitParamsPtr p);
31int ConvexLensX(FitParamsPtr p);
32int DumbbellX(FitParamsPtr p);
33int CappedCylinderX(FitParamsPtr p);
34int BarbellX(FitParamsPtr p);
35int Lamellar_ParaCrystalX(FitParamsPtr p);
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