source: sans/XOP_Dev/SANSAnalysis/XOP/StructureFactor.h

Last change on this file was 834, checked in by srkline, 11 years ago

Changes to the XOP code to upgrade to ToolKit? v6. Changes are the ones outlined in the Appendix A of the TK6 manual. SOme of the XOP support routines and the #pragma for 2-byte structures have changed. Per Howard Rodstein, there is no need to change the c files to cpp. c should work and compile just fine.

These changes work correctly on my mac. Next is to make sure that they work correctly on the two build machines.

File size: 729 bytes
1// header for SphereFit.c
3#pragma pack(2)
5/* structs */
6typedef struct DiamParams{
7        double p2;
8        double p1;
9        double result;
10}DiamParams, *DiamParamsPtr;
12typedef struct FitParams_Yuk {
13        waveHndl SQHandle;                              // Sq returned as a wave.
14        waveHndl QHandle;                               //independent variable, Q
15        waveHndl CoefHandle;    // Coefficient wave.
16        double retVal;
17} FitParams_Yuk, *FitParamsPtr_Yuk;
20#pragma pack()
22/* IGOR Fit Functions */
23int HardSphereStructX(FitParamsPtr p);
24int SquareWellStructX(FitParamsPtr p);
25int StickyHS_StructX(FitParamsPtr p);
26int HayterPenfoldMSAX(FitParamsPtr p);
27int DiamCylX(DiamParamsPtr p);
28int DiamEllipX(DiamParamsPtr p);
30// two-Yukawa SQ
31int     OneYukawaX(FitParamsPtr_Yuk p);
32int     TwoYukawaX(FitParamsPtr_Yuk p);
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