source: sans/XOP_Dev/SANSAnalysis/XOP/TwoPhase.h @ 756

Last change on this file since 756 was 452, checked in by srkline, 14 years ago

Changes to the XOP code to use the newly added functions (2008 models).

XOPs have been verified against the Igor version of the code.

File size: 707 bytes
1// header for TwoPhaseFit.c
3//function prototypes
4/* IGOR Fit Functions */
5int TeubnerStreyModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
6int Power_Law_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
7int Peak_Lorentz_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
8int Peak_Gauss_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
9int Lorentz_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
10int FractalX(FitParamsPtr p);
11int DAB_ModelX(FitParamsPtr p);
12int OneLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
13int TwoLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
14int ThreeLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
15int FourLevelX(FitParamsPtr p);
17int BroadPeakX(FitParamsPtr p);
18int CorrLengthX(FitParamsPtr p);
19int TwoLorentzianX(FitParamsPtr p);
20int TwoPowerLawX(FitParamsPtr p);
21int PolyGaussCoilX(FitParamsPtr p);
22int GaussLorentzGelX(FitParamsPtr p);
23int GaussianShellX(FitParamsPtr p);
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