Feb 2, 2017 9:52:47 AM (6 years ago)


included common NCNR procedures for the PlotManager?, to allow plotting of 1D data sets using a familiar interface

greatly expanded Patch functionality to include input in the multiple sections of the Nexus file, including separate panels to handle patching of waves to the file - needed for non-linear coefficients, dead time, and XY beam centers. All patch operations are expandable as more fields become necessary to patch.

removed bug of group_id being defined in /reduction and in /sample (removed R/W that referenced /reduction)

added panel to "isolate" a single detector panel, allowing the corrections to be applied/removed/recalculated as needed to directly see their effects.

linked new procedures to their appropriate action buttons

Added more data fields (label, intent, etc.) to the VCALC to Nexus data writer to get more realistic values into the fake data files for testing

Added VCALC simulation functions with EMP and BGD in anticipation of testing the CORRECT step

more little bug and documentation fixes which I can't remember, but they are all important...

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/V_HDF5_Write.ipf

    r1005 r1022  
    5808 // TODO -- do  I need to make sure that this is an integer? 
     5810// TODO -- I need to make sure that this is an integer in the JSON definition 
     5811//              -- currently a text value in the data file - see trac ticket 
     5812// x- this is also a duplicated field in the reduction block (reductio/group_id is no longer used) 
    58095814// group ID !!! very important for matching up files 
    58105815// integer value 
    58115817Function V_writeSample_GroupID(fname,val) 
    58125818        String fname 
    6596 // TODO -- is this duplicated? 
    6597 Function V_writeReduction_group_ID(fname,val) 
    6598         String fname 
    6599         Variable val 
    6601 //      String path = "entry:reduction:box_count_error"  
    6603         Make/O/D/N=1 wTmpWrite 
    6604 //      Make/O/R/N=1 wTmpWrite 
    6605         String groupName = "/entry/reduction" 
    6606         String varName = "group_id" 
    6607         wTmpWrite[0] = val 
    6609         variable err 
    6610         err = V_WriteWaveToHDF(fname, groupName, varName, wTmpWrite) 
    6611         if(err) 
    6612                 Print "HDF write err = ",err 
    6613         endif 
    6614         // now be sure to kill the data folder to force a re-read of the data next time this file is read in 
    6615 //      err = V_KillNamedDataFolder(fname) 
    6616 //      if(err) 
    6617 //              Print "DataFolder kill err = ",err 
    6618 //      endif 
    6619         return(err) 
    6620 end 
     6602// DONE x- commented out, not to be used 
     6603//  x- is this duplicated? - yes - this is duplicated in /entry/sample 
     6604//  x- so I need to pick a location, or be sure to fix it in both places 
     6605//Function V_writeReduction_group_ID(fname,val) 
     6606//      String fname 
     6607//      Variable val 
     6609////    String path = "entry:reduction:group_id"         
     6611//      Make/O/D/N=1 wTmpWrite 
     6612////    Make/O/R/N=1 wTmpWrite 
     6613//      String groupName = "/entry/reduction" 
     6614//      String varName = "group_id" 
     6615//      wTmpWrite[0] = val 
     6617//      variable err 
     6618//      err = V_WriteWaveToHDF(fname, groupName, varName, wTmpWrite) 
     6619//      if(err) 
     6620//              Print "HDF write err = ",err 
     6621//      endif 
     6622//      // now be sure to kill the data folder to force a re-read of the data next time this file is read in 
     6623////    err = V_KillNamedDataFolder(fname) 
     6624////    if(err) 
     6625////            Print "DataFolder kill err = ",err 
     6626////    endif 
     6627//      return(err) 
    66226630Function V_writeReductionIntent(fname,str) 
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