Feb 2, 2017 9:52:47 AM (6 years ago)


included common NCNR procedures for the PlotManager?, to allow plotting of 1D data sets using a familiar interface

greatly expanded Patch functionality to include input in the multiple sections of the Nexus file, including separate panels to handle patching of waves to the file - needed for non-linear coefficients, dead time, and XY beam centers. All patch operations are expandable as more fields become necessary to patch.

removed bug of group_id being defined in /reduction and in /sample (removed R/W that referenced /reduction)

added panel to "isolate" a single detector panel, allowing the corrections to be applied/removed/recalculated as needed to directly see their effects.

linked new procedures to their appropriate action buttons

Added more data fields (label, intent, etc.) to the VCALC to Nexus data writer to get more realistic values into the fake data files for testing

Added VCALC simulation functions with EMP and BGD in anticipation of testing the CORRECT step

more little bug and documentation fixes which I can't remember, but they are all important...

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/V_Test_RAW_Panel.ipf

    r1012 r1022  
    674 // TODO 
    675 // 
     675// See V_Detector_Isolate.ipf 
    676676// isolates a single panel to allow a better view of the details 
    677677// useful for T/B panels which are partially blocked from view 
    679 // will open a separate graph or panel to display the selected detector 
    680 // (lots to do here, depending what is necessary for instrument troubleshooting) 
     679// will open a separate panel to display the selected detector 
     680// (more to do here, depending what is necessary for instrument troubleshooting) 
    681681// - like being able to turn corrections on/off and view with different axes (pix, mm, Q) 
    687687                case 2: // mouse up 
    688688                        // click code here 
     689                        V_DetectorIsolate() 
    689690                        break 
    690691                case -1: // control being killed 
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