May 18, 2017 11:34:30 AM (6 years ago)

changes to incorporate trimming and plotting of data that has been saved as individual detector I(q), as Igor .itx format. This allows the trimming parameters to be set for each detector panel, which can then be used during the reduction protocol to automatically trim and combine the panels. Next step is to incorporate this into the actual protocol definintion by expanding the current definition.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/V_HDF5_Write.ipf

    r1034 r1039  
    63646364///////// REDUCTION 
    63656365///////// REDUCTION 
     6368// TODO 
     6369// -- come up with a scheme to write the entire protocol to the data file? 
     6370// -- or a scheme to write just the missing bits? 
     6373// TODO -- needs to be a WAVE, and of the proper size and type!!! 
     6374//  -- this is a test where I write a wave to a field that does not exist... 
     6375Function V_write_TrimWave(fname,inW) 
     6376        String fname 
     6377        Wave inW 
     6379//      String path = "entry:reduction:absolute_scaling" 
     6381        Duplicate/O inW wTmpWrite        
     6382// then use redimension as needed to cast the wave to write to the specified type 
     6383// see WaveType for the proper codes  
     6384//      Redimension/T=() wTmpWrite 
     6385// -- May also need to check the dimension(s) before writing (don't trust the input) 
     6386        String groupName = "/entry/reduction"    
     6387        String varName = "trim_wave" 
     6389        variable err 
     6390        err = V_WriteWaveToHDF(fname, groupName, varName, wTmpWrite) 
     6391        if(err) 
     6392                Print "HDF write err = ",err 
     6393        endif 
     6394        // now be sure to kill the data folder to force a re-read of the data next time this file is read in 
     6395//      err = V_KillNamedDataFolder(fname) 
     6396//      if(err) 
     6397//              Print "DataFolder kill err = ",err 
     6398//      endif 
     6399        return(err) 
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