Jul 20, 2017 3:22:34 PM (5 years ago)

LOTS of changes to accommodate the beam center being reported in cm rather than pixels. Required a lot of changes to VCALC (to fill in simulated data), and in the reading and interpreting of data for display, and most importantly, the calculation of q.

There may still be a few residual bugs with this. I am still re-testing with new sample data sets.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/V_Initialize.ipf

    r1051 r1055  
    2626// TODO -- need to set up a separate file of "constants" or "globals" where the actual numbers are 
    2727//stored. If there are not a lot, that place could be here. InitFacilityGlobals() is currently in NCNR_Utils.ipf 
     30// for the change in July 2017 where the beam center is now defined in cm, rather than pixels. 
     31// this need never change from 1 
     32Constant kBCTR_CM = 1                   //set to 1 to use beam center in cm. O to use pixels 
     33Constant kPanelTouchingGap = 4                  // TODO -- measure this gap when panels "touch", UNITS OF mm, not cm 
     36// the base data folder path where the raw data is loaded 
     37Strconstant ksBaseDFPath = "root:Packages:NIST:VSANS:RawVSANS:" 
     40// the list of WORK Folders 
     41// RawVSANS does not behave as a WORK folder, but it is local. so add it in explicitly to the list if needed 
     42// VCALC behaves *almost* as a WORK folder, but it is local. so add it in explicitly to the list if needed 
     43//Strconstant ksWorkFolderList = "RAW;SAM;EMP;BGD;COR;DIV;ABS;MSK;CAL;STO;SUB;DRK;ADJ;VCALC;RawVSANS;" 
     44Strconstant ksWorkFolderListShort = "RAW;SAM;EMP;BGD;COR;DIV;ABS;MSK;CAL;STO;SUB;DRK;ADJ;" 
     47// for defining which "bin type" corresponds to which set of extensions for I(q) data 
     49Strconstant ksBinTypeStr = "One;Two;Four;Slit Mode;" 
     50Strconstant ksBinType1 = "B;FT;FB;FL;FR;MT;MB;ML;MR;"           //these are the "active" extensions 
     51Strconstant ksBinType2 = "B;FTB;FLR;MTB;MLR;" 
     52Strconstant ksBinType3 = "B;FLRTB;MLRTB;" 
     53Strconstant ksBinType4 = "B;FT;FB;FL;FR;MT;MB;ML;MR;" 
     57// for looping over each detector 
     58Strconstant ksDetectorListNoB = "FL;FR;FT;FB;ML;MR;MT;MB;" 
     59Strconstant ksDetectorListAll = "FL;FR;FT;FB;ML;MR;MT;MB;B;" 
     62// for Protocols 
     63Constant kNumProtocolSteps = 12 
     64// for trimming of the I(q) data sets, and part of the protocol 
     65Strconstant ksPanelBinTypeList = "B;FT;FB;FL;FR;MT;MB;ML;MR;FTB;FLR;MTB;MLR;FLRTB;MLRTB;" 
     66Strconstant ksBinTrimBegDefault = "B=5;FT=6;FB=6;FL=6;FR=6;MT=6;MB=6;ML=6;MR=6;FTB=7;FLR=7;MTB=7;MLR=7;FLRTB=8;MLRTB=8;" 
     67Strconstant ksBinTrimEndDefault = "B=10;FT=9;FB=9;FL=9;FR=9;MT=9;MB=9;ML=9;MR=9;FTB=8;FLR=8;MTB=8;MLR=8;FLRTB=7;MLRTB=7;" 
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