Sep 18, 2017 12:08:50 PM (5 years ago)

many minor changes after real VSANS data collected.

additional procedures added to allow easy correction of the incorrect header information from NICE.

Most notable addition is the pinhole resolution added to the calculation and the I(q) output. White beam is also treated (incorrectly) as a gaussian distrivution, but the results of smeared fitting look to be quite good.

Trimming and sorting routines are now (pinhole) resolution aware.

File identification routines have been updated to use the proper definitions of "purpose" and "intent". Both fields are now in the catalog, to allow for better sorting.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/V_FileCatalog.ipf

    r1063 r1064  
    236236        V_SortWaves() 
    237237//Append the files that are not raw files to the list 
    238239        V_AppendNotRAWFiles(notRAWlist)  
    239240        KillWaves/Z notRAWlist 
    241242        Print "Total time (s) = ",(ticks - t1)/60.15 
    242         Print "Time per raw data file (without cleanup time) (s) = ",( (ticks - t1)/60.15 - cleanupTime)/(numItems-numpnts(labels)) 
     243        Print "Time per raw data file (without cleanup time) (s) = ",( (ticks - t1)/60.15 - cleanupTime)/(numpnts(labels)) 
    243244        // (don't use numpnts(notRawList) to normalize, these aren't all raw data files) 
    244245        // 
    324325//for display in the table. Note that the filenames column will now be longer than all other 
    325326//waves in the table 
     328// skip this step if there are no files to tack on 
    326329Function V_AppendNotRAWFiles(w) 
    327330        Wave/T w 
    328         Wave/T Filenames = $"root:Packages:NIST:VSANS:CatVSHeaderInfo:Filenames" 
    329         Variable lastPoint 
    330         lastPoint = numpnts(Filenames) 
    331         InsertPoints lastPoint,numpnts(w),Filenames 
    332         Filenames[lastPoint,numpnts(Filenames)-1] = w[p-lastPoint] 
     331        if(numpnts(w) != 0) 
     332                Wave/T Filenames = $"root:Packages:NIST:VSANS:CatVSHeaderInfo:Filenames" 
     333                Variable lastPoint 
     334                lastPoint = numpnts(Filenames) 
     335                InsertPoints lastPoint,numpnts(w),Filenames 
     336                Filenames[lastPoint,numpnts(Filenames)-1] = w[p-lastPoint] 
     337        endif 
    333338        return(0) 
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