Nov 16, 2017 10:57:32 AM (5 years ago)

lots of changes here:
many little fixes to clean up TODO items and marke them DONE

changed the handling of the panel "gap" to split the gap evenly. Q-calculations have been re-verified with this change.

re-named the list of "bin Type" values, and added a few more choices. Streamlined how the averaging and plotting works with this list so that it can be more easily modified as different combinations of binning are envisioned. This resulted in a lot of excess code being cut out and replaced with cleaner logic. This change has also been verified to work as intended.

Attenuation is now always calculated from the table. The table also by (NEW) definition has values for the white beam (one waelength) and graphite (multiple possible wavelengths) where the wavelengths are artificially scaled (*1000) or *1e6) so that the interpolations can be done internally without the need for multiple attenuator tables.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/V_Instrument_Resolution.ipf

    r1072 r1073  
    228228// MAR 2011 - removed the del_r terms, they don't apply since no bining is done to the 2D data 
    230 Function get2DResolution(inQ,phi,lambda,lambdaWidth,DDet,apOff,S1,S2,L1,L2,BS,del_r,usingLenses,r_dist,SigmaQX,SigmaQY,fSubS) 
     230Function V_get2DResolution(inQ,phi,lambda,lambdaWidth,DDet,apOff,S1,S2,L1,L2,BS,del_r,usingLenses,r_dist,SigmaQX,SigmaQY,fSubS) 
    231231        Variable inQ, phi,lambda, lambdaWidth, DDet, apOff, S1, S2, L1, L2, BS, del_r,usingLenses,r_dist 
    232232        Variable &SigmaQX,&SigmaQY,&fSubS               //these are the output quantities at the input Q value 
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