Jul 3, 2018 2:30:41 PM (4 years ago)

Many changes:

Made the VCALC panel aware of all of the binning options
Corrected the behavior of the VCALC preset conditions
Adjusted how the Slit data is binned so that there are not duplicated q-values in the output

Made Absolute scaling aware of the back detector. Now the ABS String in the protocol has a second
set of scaling constants tagged with "_B" for the back detector. There is an added button
on the protocol panel to set the second set of constants. For the back detector, the read noise
is subtracted by reading it from the empty beam file (shifting over to the right by one box width)
All of the associated abs procedures are now aware of this.
More error checking needs to be added.

Back detector image is now shifted upon loading of the data. the default mask takes this into account
and masks out the padded (zero) regions.

in the protocol, DIV and MSK do not use grep any longer. it was just way too slow. Now it depends on

the file name having DIV or MASK respectively.

Raw data files can now be added together, in the usual way from the protocol panel.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/VSANS/V_HDF5_RW_Utils.ipf

    r1101 r1109  
    7777        // 
    7878        string tmpStr = "root:Packages:NIST:VSANS:RAW:entry:instrument:"  
     80// if the data is DIV, then handle the data errors differently since they are already part of the data file 
     81// root:Packages:NIST:VSANS:DIV:entry:instrument:detector_B: 
     82        if(cmpstr(folder,"DIV")==0) 
     83                // makes data error and linear copy -- DP waves if V_MakeDataWaves_DP() called above  
     84                tmpStr = "root:Packages:NIST:VSANS:DIV:entry:instrument:" 
     85                for(ii=0;ii<ItemsInList(ksDetectorListAll);ii+=1) 
     86                        detStr = StringFromList(ii, ksDetectorListAll, ";") 
     87                        SetDataFolder $(tmpStr+"detector_"+detStr) 
     88                        //V_MakeDataError(tmpStr+"detector_"+detStr)     
     89                        Wave data=data 
     90                        Duplicate/O data $(tmpStr+"detector_"+detStr+":linear_data") 
     91                        Wave linear_data_error=linear_data_error 
     92                        Duplicate/O linear_data_error $(tmpStr+"detector_"+detStr+":data_error") 
     93                        SetDataFolder root: 
     94                endfor 
     95        endif 
    80100        if(cmpstr(folder,"RAW")==0) 
    200220                endif 
     223// shift the detector image on the back detector to get the three CCD images to match up  
     224// in real space. the distance matrices x and y still apply. be sure to mask out the chunks 
     225// that were lost in the shift 
     227                // the data wave is altered 
     228                // the linear_data wave is not altered 
     230                Wave adjW = V_getDetectorDataW(folder,"B") 
     231                Wave w = V_getDetectorLinearDataW(folder,"B") 
     232                V_ShiftBackDetImage(w,adjW) 
     234// and repeat for the error wave 
     235                Wave adjW = V_getDetectorDataErrW(folder,"B") 
     236                Wave w = V_getDetectorLinearDataErrW(folder,"B") 
     237                V_ShiftBackDetImage(w,adjW) 
    203241                /// END DATA CORRECTIONS FOR LOADER      
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