Mar 22, 2010 5:08:38 PM (13 years ago)

Moving SANS beta items to the proper panels.

  • Add all to Layout was moved to the Tile Raw 2D panel as a new button.
  • "Files at SDD" and "set MRED list" were added to the MRED panel, replacing buttons that generated a file catalog. it's doubtful that anyone used those buttons, and they aren't really needed now, anyhow. I changed the behavior slightly to show the table of label, SDD, and run number so one can delete points before (or after) accepting the list.
  • the corresponding items have been commented out from the beta menu (in includes_v520)
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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/SANS/Tile_2D.ipf

    r570 r646  
    4747Proc Tile_2D() 
    4848        PauseUpdate; Silent 1           // building window... 
    49         NewPanel /K=2 /W=(550,342,934,527) 
     49        NewPanel /W=(849,337,1242,526) /K=2 
    5050        DoWindow/C Tile_2D 
    5353        ListBox fileList,listWave=root:myGlobals:Tile_2D:fileWave 
    5454        ListBox fileList,selWave=root:myGlobals:Tile_2D:selWave,mode= 4 
    55         Button button0,pos={233,131},size={110,20},proc=AddToLayoutButtonProc,title="Add To Layout" 
     55        Button button0,pos={217,109},size={170,20},proc=AddToLayoutButtonProc,title="Add Selected To Layout" 
    5656        Button button0,help={"Adds images of the selected files to the layout selected in the popup menu"} 
    57         Button button1,pos={266,157},size={50,20},proc=TileDoneButtonProc,title="Done" 
     57        Button button1,pos={316,160},size={50,20},proc=TileDoneButtonProc,title="Done" 
    5858        Button button1,help={"Closes the panel, kills the layouts, and kills images from your memory"} 
    5959        Button button3,pos={227,6},size={60,20},proc=GetListButtonProc,title="Get List" 
    6161        Button button4,pos={340,6},size={25,20},proc=ShowTileHelp,title="?" 
    6262        Button button4,help={"Show help file for tiling raw data files in a layout"} 
     63        Button button5,pos={217,133},size={170,20},proc=AddAllToLayout,title="Add All To Layout" 
     64        Button button5,help={"Adds images of all raw files, 40 per layout"} 
    6365        CheckBox check0,pos={216,64},size={71,14},title="Log scaling" 
    6466        CheckBox check0,help={"If checked, the image color will be log scale"},value= 1 
    204206// This test version will add 40 images to each layout, and tile them 
    206 // curently a Beta-only function 
    207 // 
    208 Function AddALLToLayout()// : ButtonControl 
     208Function AddALLToLayout(ctrlName) : ButtonControl 
    209209        String ctrlName 
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