Apr 5, 2010 4:29:46 PM (12 years ago)

Added routines to enforce short enough names to keep the Igor-generated object names to less than 31 characters (once I add extensions). Changed the ExecuteProtocol? to automatically trim text from the HFIR data file names, since they are ridiculously long.

Added routines in 1D Data loader (and XML loader) to enforce 25 characters, in the case that a long file name was generated by another program.

If XML files are generated, "x" is tagged at the end of the suffix, as in ".ABSx".
Added menu items to each package menu for feedback, movies, and updates

Made sure that new table entry of SamplePosition? did not cause compile errors with other facility templates. right now, this is NCNR-specific, but easity added to other facilities if they provide the stub. then the bits of the table could be added.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/SANS/ProtocolAsPanel.ipf

    r641 r661  
    18701870#if (exists("QUOKKA")==6) 
    18711871                        newFileName = ReplaceString(".nx.hdf", tempFilename, "") 
     1872#elif (exists("HFIR")==6) 
     1873                        newFileName = ReplaceString(".xml",textPath[0],"")              //removes 4 chars 
     1874                        newFileName = ReplaceString("SANS",newFileName,"")              //removes 4 more chars = 8 
     1875                        newFileName = ReplaceString("exp",newFileName,"")                       //removes 3 more chars = 11 
     1876                        newFileName = ReplaceString("scan",newFileName,"")              //removes 4 more chars = 15, should be enough? 
    1873                         newFileName = UpperStr(GetNameFromHeader(textPath[0])) 
     1878                        newFileName = UpperStr(GetNameFromHeader(textPath[0]))          //NCNR data drops here, trims to 8 chars 
    18751880                else 
    18901895                endif 
     1897                // add an "x" to the file extension if the output is XML 
     1898                // currently (2010), only for ABS and AVE (1D) output 
     1899                if( cmpstr(exten,"ABS") == 0 || cmpstr(exten,"AVE") == 0 ) 
     1900                        if(useXMLOutput == 1) 
     1901                                exten += "x" 
     1902                        endif 
     1903                endif 
    18921905                //Path is catPathName, symbolic path 
    18931906                //if this doesn't exist, a dialog will be presented by setting dialog = 1 
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