Jun 16, 2010 2:10:47 PM (13 years ago)

SA_Includes_v410 : now include Smear_2D

PeakGauss_2D, Sphere_2D : included threaded resolution smearing calculations for testing

DataSetHandling? : Included a quick and dirty batch converter for XML->6-col. See the top
of the file for the command to run

GaussUtils? : re-define the ResSemear_2D_AAOStruct. Relocated q-value and phi calculations from
RawWindowHook? to this file so they would be available for reduction and analysis

Smear_2D : now has a generic (non-threaded) smearing routine. Threading must be done in
individual functions since FUNCREF can't be passed to threads (plus a few other issues)

PlotUtils_2D : updated loader for new QxQy? columns. Fixes to Wrapper_2D to enable smeared fits

RawWindowHook? : removed Q-value calculation functions and moved these to GaussUtils?

WriteQIS : now writes out 8-columns for QxQy? data, defining the resolution
function in terms of directions parallel and perpendicular to Q. TEMPORARILY in the data
file an error in intensity is generated that is SQRT(I), being careful to
replace any NaN, inf, or zero with an average error value

MultiScatter_MonteCarlo_2D : 4-processor aware

NCNR_Utils : 2D resolution calculation is now in terms of parallel and perpendicular
rather than x and y. Gravity is included in the y-component

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