Jul 23, 2010 2:18:28 PM (12 years ago)

Fixed typo in the parameter description in CoreShellCylinder?

W_Sigma is now appended to the table in the wrapper panel when a fit is done.
It is cleared whenever functions or data are changed.

The naming of reports is changed to help make the names more descriptive and unique.

DataSetHandling? - -simple checkbox on the graph to change to a linear display
that highlights the high Q - to be sure that data oscillates around zero
after background subtraction (this doesn't have to stay)

Added a crude batch file converter to take the 5-column grasp data (read in as
if it was old-school desmeared USANS data) and write it back out in our 6-column
ASCII format. Did this for Andrea.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Analysis/Models/CoreShellCylinder_v40.ipf

    r633 r728  
    5252        // Setup parameter table for model function 
    5353        make/o/d smear_coef_cscyl =  {1.,20.,10.,400,1.0e-6,4.0e-6,1.0e-6,0.01} 
    54         make/o/t smear_parameters_cscyl = {"scale","core radius (A)","shell radius (A)","length (A)","SLD core (A^-2)","SLD shell (A^-2)","SLD solvent (A^-2)","incoh. bkg (cm^-1)"} 
     54        make/o/t smear_parameters_cscyl = {"scale","core radius (A)","shell THICKNESS (A)","CORE length (A)","SLD core (A^-2)","SLD shell (A^-2)","SLD solvent (A^-2)","incoh. bkg (cm^-1)"} 
    5555        Edit smear_parameters_cscyl,smear_coef_cscyl 
  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Analysis/Packages/Wrapper_v40.ipf

    r708 r728  
    10251025        print w_sigma 
    10261026        String resultStr="" 
     1028        if(waveexists(W_sigma)) 
     1029                //append it to the table, if it's not already there 
     1030                CheckDisplayed/W=WrapperPanel#T0 W_sigma 
     1031                if(V_flag==0) 
     1032                        //not there, append it 
     1033                        AppendtoTable/W=wrapperPanel#T0 W_sigma 
     1034                else 
     1035                        //remove it, and put it back on to make sure it's the right one (do I need to do this?) 
     1036                        // -- not really, since any switch of the function menu takes W_Sigma off 
     1037                endif 
     1038        endif 
    10281040        //now re-write the results 
    10291041        sprintf resultStr,"Chi^2 = %g  Sqrt(X^2/N) = %g",V_chisq,sqrt(V_chisq/V_Npnts) 
    11631175        if(yesSave) 
    11641176                String nameStr=CleanupName(func,0) 
    1165                 nameStr = nameStr[0,8]  //shorten the name 
    11661177                nameStr += "_"+dataname 
     1178                nameStr = ReplaceString("Smeared",nameStr,"Sm_")                //if Smeared function, shorten the name 
    11671179                //make sure the name is no more than 31 characters 
    11681180                namestr = namestr[0,30]         //if shorter than 31, this will NOT pad to 31 characters 
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