Nov 24, 2010 4:23:13 PM (12 years ago)
  • fixed a few bugs with GenCurveFit?, and how the reports are generated

  • the DEFAULT.MASK file is automatically loaded when the path is set, if it can be found. this only happens from the main (yellow) panel. Nothing happens if that exact file is not found.

  • a "Sector_PlusMinus" averaging option is added. This defines the LEFT sector as being "negative" q-values. Everything else behaves as a normal sector average. This is from Lionel, a very old ticket #31

  • if sectors or annular regions are drawn on RAW data files, the drawn lines are re-drawn correctly as the data is scrolled using the < and > buttons.

  • a super secret option for a "histogram pair" has been added. May be useful for alignment, may ditch if Jeff and Cedric don't like it. To do this, put cursor A on the 2D image at the center of where you want the vertical and horizontal swath to be. +-5 pixels is hard-wired. draw any marquee(size, location is ignored) and select SANS Histogram, and you get the pair. If cursor A is not on the graph, you get the normal histogram as defined by the marquee.

  • arrow buttons on RAW 2D data display now search +- 10 data files for "next", in case there are missing file numbers.

  • Incorporated Lionel's changes to ILL_* files for his generation of a "DIV" file for D22

  • Added the offset traces checkbox back to the SASCALC panel. previously it was hidden on the simulation panels.

  • loosened the tolerance for SDD matching onn the MRED panel to 0.1 m

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Analysis/Packages/GeneticOptimization/NCNR_GenFitUtils.ipf

    r705 r764  
    2929// X add the XOP to the distribution, or instructions (better to NOT bundle...) 
    3030// X odd bug where first "fit" fails on AppendToGraph as GenCurveFit is started. May need to disable /D flag 
    31 // 
    32 // -- need to pass back the chi-squared and number of points. "V_" globals don't appear 
     31// X- need to pass back the chi-squared and number of points. "V_" globals don't appear 
     32// -- add the flags to calculate the residuals (/R), and then manually append the residual wave to the graph. 
    3435// for the speed test. try writing my own wrapper for an unsmeared calculation, and see if it's still dog-slow. 
    258259        // other useful flags:  /N /DUMP /TOL /D=fitYw 
    259260        //  /OPT=1 seems to make no difference whether it's used or not 
     261        // /N does not speed anything up at all, and you get no feedback 
     262        // /R does work, generating "res_" wave, but the append must be "manual" 
    261264        // append the fit 
    285288                endif 
    286289                if(useRes) 
    287                         GenCurveFit/MAT /STRC=bar /X=bar.x[0] /I=1 /TOL=(kGenOp_tol) /W=sw /D=fitYw GeneticFit_SmearedModel,bar.y,bar.w,holdStr,limits 
     290                        GenCurveFit/MAT /STRC=bar /X=bar.x[0] /I=1 /TOL=(kGenOp_tol) /W=sw /D=fitYw /R GeneticFit_SmearedModel,bar.y,bar.w,holdStr,limits 
    288291                        break 
    289292                endif 
  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Analysis/Packages/Wrapper_v40.ipf

    r762 r764  
    10611061                //if GenCurveFit used, V_startRow and V_endRow may not exist - so read the cursors? but the cursors may not be used, so  
    1062                 // there won't be anything on the graph... 
     1062                // there won't be anything on the graph... but pt1 and pt2 are set and passed!. The V_ variables are more foolproof 
     1063                // so keep these for the "normal" report 
    10631064                // 
    1064                 W_GenerateReport(funcStr,folderStr,$parStr,cw,yesSave,V_chisq,W_sigma,V_npnts,V_FitError,V_FitQuitReason,V_startRow,V_endRow,topGraph) 
     1065                if(useGenCurveFit)       
     1066                        W_GenerateReport(funcStr,folderStr,$parStr,cw,yesSave,V_chisq,W_sigma,V_npnts,V_FitError,V_FitQuitReason,pt1,pt2,topGraph) 
     1067                else 
     1068                        W_GenerateReport(funcStr,folderStr,$parStr,cw,yesSave,V_chisq,W_sigma,V_npnts,V_FitError,V_FitQuitReason,V_startRow,V_endRow,topGraph) 
     1069                endif 
    10651070        endif 
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