Feb 13, 2013 9:58:28 AM (10 years ago)

modified event loader so that it compiles correctly if the XOP is not installed

changed control polling in NSORT to explicitly look for the NSORT panel

added a testing procedure to NSORT to use only names to combine. Somewhat more "manual" in implementation than the combine panel, but very useful for combining the results from a simulation. Uses the NSORT panel in the same way ay the Combine Panel.

Changes to saving the 1D sim data to get proper header information into the file, including a proper label.

Added a macros menu for the MC Scripting beta operations. Can use an "x" to turn them off/on since they are really not for general use (yet).

Updated the simulation examples, including dry run for 2D to estimate overall run time, and 1D simulation to return a table of count rates.

Added a function stub (totally non-functional) for Write_ABSHeader_toNotebook() that in the future could be used to mine the 1D data files - to help group them, combine them, process them, and at the very least, help to identify what is in them and what was done to them.

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  • sans/Dev/trunk/NCNR_User_Procedures/Reduction/SANS/CatVSTable.ipf

    r886 r898  
     607//writes out the CATalog information to the notebook named CatWin (which must exist) 
     608//fname is the full path for opening (and reading) information from the file 
     609//which alreay was found to exist. sname is the file;vers to be written out, 
     610//avoiding the need to re-extract it from fname. 
     612// this is just for 1D (not Raw) data files 
     613Function Write_ABSHeader_toNotebook(fname,sname) 
     614        String fname,sname 
     616        String textstr,temp,lbl,date_time 
     617        Variable ctime,lambda,sdd,detcnt,cntrate,refNum,trans,thick 
     619        //read the file creation date 
     620        date_time = getFileCreationDate(fname) 
     622        // read the sample.label text field 
     623        lbl = getSampleLabel(fname) 
     625        //read the counting time (integer) 
     626        ctime = getCountTime(fname) 
     628        //read the reals 
     630        //detector count + countrate 
     631        detcnt = getDetCount(fname) 
     632        cntrate = detcnt/ctime 
     634        //wavelength 
     635        lambda = getWavelength(fname) 
     637        //SDD 
     638        sdd = getSDD(fname) 
     640        //Transmission 
     641        trans = getSampleTrans(fname) 
     643        //Thickness 
     644        thick = getSampleThickness(fname) 
     646        temp = "FILE:  " 
     647        Notebook CatWin,textRGB=(0,0,0),text=temp 
     648        Notebook CatWin,fstyle=1,text=sname 
     649        temp = "\t\t"+date_time+"\r" 
     650        Notebook CatWin,fstyle=0,text=temp 
     651        temp = "LABEL: "+lbl+"\r" 
     652        Notebook CatWin,text=temp 
     653        temp = "COUNTING TIME: "+num2str(ctime)+" secs \t\tDETECTOR COUNT: "+num2str(detcnt)+"\r" 
     654        Notebook CatWin,text=temp 
     655        temp = "WAVELENGTH: "+num2str(lambda)+" A \tSDD: "+num2str(sdd)+" m \t" 
     656        temp += "DET. CNT. RATE: "+num2str(cntrate)+"  cts/sec\r" 
     657        Notebook CatWin,text=temp 
     658        temp = "TRANS: "  
     659        Notebook CatWin,text=temp 
     660        temp =  num2str(trans) 
     661        Notebook CatWin,textRGB=(50000,0,0),fStyle = 1,text=temp 
     662        temp =  "\t\tTHICKNESS: " 
     663        Notebook CatWin,textRGB=(0,0,0),fStyle = 0,text=temp 
     664        temp =  num2str(thick) 
     665        Notebook CatWin,textRGB=(50000,0,0),fStyle = 1,text=temp 
     666        temp = " cm\r\r" 
     667        Notebook CatWin,textRGB=(0,0,0),fStyle = 0,text=temp 
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