Nov 25, 2014 3:10:21 PM (8 years ago)

adding new procedures for testing -- that will enable:

(1) automation of SANS data reduction, at least in some of the more standard cases. The more consistently the data files are named, the better this works.
(2) Much simpler scripting of experiment simulation. now a simulated experiment can be set up is the same way that a real experiemtn can -- by setting up a list of "runs"

Help files are to follow for all of these. Prelimiary help for the automation has been added to the SANS Reduction Help file. Videos to follow. Loaders for these two items have been added to the Macros menu so that all of the dependencies are satisfied.

More testing is still necessary to make sure that nothing has been broken, and that sufficient error catching has been done so that meaningful testing can be done.

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