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(edit) @53   16 years srkline changed the desmeared error calculation to be abs(err) so that none of the …
(edit) @51   16 years ajj Fixing prefactor bug. See RT Ticket #742
(edit) @43   16 years ajj Added checkbox to enable/disable current data set checking
(edit) @36   16 years ajj Tagging the 2.20 release of USANS Reduction Macros
(edit) @35   16 years ajj Set pragma = 2.20 and required version >= 2.20 for includes in …
(edit) @34   16 years ajj Edited Readme pdf to reflect new release
(edit) @33   16 years ajj Upped Relase revision to v2.20. Not yet tagged as release.
(edit) @32   16 years ajj Edited USANS Reduction help to reflect new interface.
(edit) @31   16 years ajj USANSReduction: Merging changes from AJJ-branch1 into Trunk
(edit) @30   16 years ajj Rename relevant files from 2.00 to 2.11
(edit) @29   16 years ajj Removed code for old panel - only new panel with current data is now used.
(edit) @28   16 years ajj Used flip to convert files to Unix line endings from Mac.
(edit) @9   16 years ajj Imported Main_USANS from existing v2.11 sources.
(edit) @8   16 years ajj Set svn:eol-style native on .ipf files.
(edit) @7   16 years ajj Set svn:eol-style property on .ipf files. This should mean that we don't …
(edit) @6   16 years ajj Creating branch to add filtering and current data view
(edit) @5   16 years ajj Tagging the 2.0 release version of USANS Reduction Macros
(edit) @4   16 years ajj Adding existing data to trunk
(edit) @3   16 years ajj Adding v2.0 of USANS Reduction macros as initial trunk
(copy) @2   16 years ajj move files to sans subfolder
copied from USANSReduction:
(add) @1   16 years ajj Add initial SANS repository layout
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