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(edit) @922   10 years mjw Fixed colors and marker shapes for split detectors for easier viewing
(edit) @854   11 years srkline I hope this doesn't screw things up…
(edit) @837   11 years ajj Checkin of Teabag code for TISANE.
(edit) @831   11 years ajj latest version of startprogs scripts.
(edit) @830   11 years ajj Various scripts for BT5: - script to set up user folder etc and start …
(edit) @783   12 years ajj 2.1 release with log scale bugfix
(edit) @782   12 years ajj Remove incorrectly tagged release
(edit) @781   12 years ajj Tagging 2.1 of bt5plot (bug fix release for log scale bug)
(edit) @780   12 years ajj Fix log scaling for old matplotlib (0.91) that is on BT5
(edit) @725   13 years ajj Work to add auto grouping to bt5plot
(edit) @724   13 years ajj Some tidying
(edit) @723   13 years ajj Start of bt5plot "refactor" :)
(edit) @722   13 years ajj Tagging bt5plot 2.0 release
(edit) @721   13 years ajj Rename contents to bt5plot
(edit) @720   13 years ajj Rename bt5plot2 as bt5plot
(edit) @719   13 years ajj Removing old bt5plot
(edit) @657   13 years ajj some changes
(edit) @655   13 years ajj Some fake data and twiddles with scales
(edit) @654   13 years ajj Fixes to handle errorbars
(edit) @653   13 years ajj Various fixes. Remove some debug output, display motor value on click.
(edit) @582   13 years ajj
(edit) @581   13 years ajj
(edit) @580   13 years ajj Adding support for errorbars
(edit) @579   13 years ajj Add plot type monitor rate corrected
(edit) @514   14 years ajj Fixed filter bug whereby hitting refresh while a filter was applied would …
(edit) @479   14 years ajj - All plots now update when plot type is changed.
(edit) @478   14 years ajj - Fixed bug where checkboxes remained checked when the plot was cleared - …
(edit) @471   14 years ajj Move to more oo design. Add display of logbook values.
(edit) @470   14 years ajj
(edit) @469   14 years ajj - Fixed handling of data directory change (plot is cleared on change) - …
(edit) @468   14 years ajj
(edit) @466   14 years ajj Add Clear Plot button and reload data when plot is checked so that current …
(edit) @464   14 years ajj added buttons
(edit) @463   14 years ajj
(edit) @462   14 years ajj
(edit) @450   14 years ajj adding combine util to svn
(edit) @447   14 years ajj
(edit) @446   14 years ajj
(edit) @443   14 years ajj Handle plot removal, deal with rescaling on plot removal.
(edit) @442   14 years ajj fixed rescale problems
(edit) @441   14 years ajj updates
(edit) @440   14 years ajj Updates to bt5view to add actual functionality
(edit) @439   14 years ajj add missing files
(edit) @438   14 years ajj Adding bt5plot2 - python and matplotlib based version of bt5plot
(edit) @350   15 years ajj Fixed valMarker problem. Made rate display work properly
(edit) @349   15 years ajj Add count rate to bottom of display
(edit) @215   15 years ajj Fixed removal of marker and reset of values for clicked on point.
(edit) @214   15 years ajj Added extraction of values from plotted datasets (#4, trans, sum and …
(edit) @209   15 years ajj Adding rudimentary coloring of plots
(edit) @208   15 years ajj Add ability to plot individual detectors (from Mark Laver)
(edit) @163   16 years ajj Inital checkin of bt5View. This is a replacement for bt5plot that uses …
(edit) @150   16 years ajj Moving icpgui to icpgui-test
(edit) @149   16 years ajj pygtk interface for ICP Aim is to combine icp, prepare and xpeek. Uses …
(edit) @142   16 years ajj adding diff between official prepare and ours.
(edit) @141   16 years ajj merge in changes to prepare from nickm
(edit) @140   16 years ajj Adding code for testing terminal embedding
(edit) @120   16 years ajj Correcting error in naming of motors 3 and 4
(edit) @117   16 years ajj Modifications to prepare for BT-5: - Motors now given user friendly …
(edit) @110   16 years ajj Added code (commented) to put tabs for plot and file data - for future use …
(edit) @90   16 years ajj Added Init code to set motor channel and velocity and print some info.
(edit) @89   16 years ajj Basic GUI - two tabs with simple #clicks in first and full command …
(edit) @88   16 years ajj Adding initial version of mock gui.
(edit) @87   16 years ajj First version of tilt controller interface. Simple command entry.
(edit) @86   16 years ajj Adding tilt controller program to repos.
(edit) @73   16 years ajj Adding inital test code using expectk
(edit) @27   16 years ajj Changed icons
(edit) @26   16 years ajj Trying nicer icons
(edit) @25   16 years ajj Changed icons to red and green dots
(edit) @24   16 years ajj Added dumped images in prep for creating new ones
(edit) @23   16 years ajj Added default values for radiobuttons in plot menu
(edit) @22   16 years ajj Moved plot controls to menu - GUI was getting cluttered
(edit) @21   16 years ajj Added log/lin options for both axes. Note that the log option does the log …
(edit) @20   16 years ajj Made radio buttons work - now change plot type for all plotted graphs
(edit) @19   16 years ajj Added catch to LoadTree? to avoid empty directory error.
(edit) @18   16 years ajj Added check boxes to determine plot type
(edit) @17   16 years ajj Changes made to show BT5 relevant motors in buffer display
(edit) @16   16 years ajj Removed variable and used cd to change to newly selected dir. Notice bug …
(edit) @15   16 years ajj Added creation of trans list to LoadBT5Plot function after having error at …
(edit) @14   16 years ajj Adding original basic version of bt5plot
(edit) @13   16 years ajj Adding original version of prepare as written by Nick M
(edit) @12   16 years ajj Adding bt5 utils, bt5plot and prepare
(add) @11   16 years ajj Moving bt5 dir to utils.
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