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(edit) @80   16 years srkline Redefinition of SANS data reader functions (main entry points) More …
(edit) @79   16 years srkline cleaned unused code from WorkFileUtils?.ipf added comments to …
(edit) @78   16 years srkline In PlotUtils? (plot manager) now checks for the existence of a graph to …
(edit) @77   16 years srkline added comments in SANS_Utilities.ipf only
(edit) @76   16 years srkline 2nd pass of pulling out NCNR calls. Also cleared a lot of deadwood from …
(edit) @75   16 years srkline Final set of first pass changes to reduction code. Next is to throuroughly …
(edit) @74   16 years srkline More changes to move NCNR calls from the main section of code. …
(edit) @73   16 years ajj Adding inital test code using expectk
(edit) @72   16 years srkline more transferring of functions to NCNR_* files.
(edit) @71   16 years srkline many changes to PatchFiles?.ipf to get the reads and writes separated and …
(edit) @70   16 years srkline more file adjustments to clean out NCNR bits
(edit) @69   16 years srkline Initial file shuffling, partially done. Created 3 new files: …
(edit) @68   16 years srkline created zip of the 5.01 release of SANS_Reduction -- contains minor bug …
(edit) @67   16 years srkline Tagging the 5.01 release -- minor bug fixes
(edit) @66   16 years srkline Branch of SANS Reduction to split out raw data and facility-specific calls
(edit) @65   16 years ajj Updated release zipfile to actually contain files
(edit) @64   16 years ajj Tagging SASCalc release 1.0
(edit) @63   16 years ajj Packaging SASCalc as a v1.0 release
(edit) @62   16 years srkline scale factor added to final Beaucage model
(edit) @61   16 years srkline added a scale factor to the Beaucage model so that it can be properly used …
(edit) @60   16 years srkline resolution calculation now uses the projected area of the beamstop for the …
(edit) @59   16 years srkline PatchFiles? now sorts the list of files, rather than the WinOS-garbled …
(edit) @58   16 years srkline added a more realistic shadow correction for resolution
(edit) @57   16 years srkline incorporated beamstop diameter projection to the qMin and shadow factor …
(edit) @56   16 years srkline models StackedDiscs? and MultiShell? are properly smeared with 76 Gauss …
(edit) @55   16 years srkline truly blank template that includes SASCALC.ipf and initializes itself
(edit) @54   16 years srkline changed to count frozen traces from 1, rather than zero, to keep Jeff …
(edit) @53   16 years srkline changed the desmeared error calculation to be abs(err) so that none of the …
(edit) @52   16 years srkline - changed pxt to include the procedure file - added freezing of …
(edit) @51   16 years ajj Fixing prefactor bug. See RT Ticket #742
(edit) @50   16 years srkline minor fixes
(edit) @49   16 years srkline modified to switch between the XOP (if it exists) or the Igor code if the …
(edit) @48   16 years srkline changed sort order for table - new columns of RotAngle?, Temperature, and …
(edit) @47   16 years srkline bug fixes and performance tweaks
(edit) @46   16 years srkline initial import of SASCALC version 1.00 files
(edit) @45   16 years ajj Add trunks, branches and tags to SASCalc
(edit) @44   16 years ajj Adding SASCalc directory
(edit) @43   16 years ajj Added checkbox to enable/disable current data set checking
(edit) @42   16 years srkline initial checkin of Analysis v.3.00 files
(edit) @41   16 years srkline change to UNIX line endings
(edit) @40   16 years srkline Initial checkin of V5.00 SANSReduction files
(edit) @39   16 years ajj Adding zip release file of v2.00 of USANS Reduction Macros
(edit) @38   16 years ajj Adding zip release file for v2.20 of USANS Reduction Macros
(edit) @37   16 years ajj Adding folders for putting release files in - e.g. zip file of appropriate …
(edit) @36   16 years ajj Tagging the 2.20 release of USANS Reduction Macros
(edit) @35   16 years ajj Set pragma = 2.20 and required version >= 2.20 for includes in …
(edit) @34   16 years ajj Edited Readme pdf to reflect new release
(edit) @33   16 years ajj Upped Relase revision to v2.20. Not yet tagged as release.
(edit) @32   16 years ajj Edited USANS Reduction help to reflect new interface.
(edit) @31   16 years ajj USANSReduction: Merging changes from AJJ-branch1 into Trunk
(edit) @30   16 years ajj Rename relevant files from 2.00 to 2.11
(edit) @29   16 years ajj Removed code for old panel - only new panel with current data is now used.
(edit) @28   16 years ajj Used flip to convert files to Unix line endings from Mac.
(edit) @27   16 years ajj Changed icons
(edit) @26   16 years ajj Trying nicer icons
(edit) @25   16 years ajj Changed icons to red and green dots
(edit) @24   16 years ajj Added dumped images in prep for creating new ones
(edit) @23   16 years ajj Added default values for radiobuttons in plot menu
(edit) @22   16 years ajj Moved plot controls to menu - GUI was getting cluttered
(edit) @21   16 years ajj Added log/lin options for both axes. Note that the log option does the log …
(edit) @20   16 years ajj Made radio buttons work - now change plot type for all plotted graphs
(edit) @19   16 years ajj Added catch to LoadTree? to avoid empty directory error.
(edit) @18   16 years ajj Added check boxes to determine plot type
(edit) @17   16 years ajj Changes made to show BT5 relevant motors in buffer display
(edit) @16   16 years ajj Removed variable and used cd to change to newly selected dir. Notice bug …
(edit) @15   16 years ajj Added creation of trans list to LoadBT5Plot function after having error at …
(edit) @14   16 years ajj Adding original basic version of bt5plot
(edit) @13   16 years ajj Adding original version of prepare as written by Nick M
(edit) @12   16 years ajj Adding bt5 utils, bt5plot and prepare
(edit) @11   16 years ajj Moving bt5 dir to utils.
(edit) @10   16 years ajj Adding utils directory heirarchy. This is for small programs such as …
(edit) @9   16 years ajj Imported Main_USANS from existing v2.11 sources.
(edit) @8   16 years ajj Set svn:eol-style native on .ipf files.
(edit) @7   16 years ajj Set svn:eol-style property on .ipf files. This should mean that we don't …
(edit) @6   16 years ajj Creating branch to add filtering and current data view
(edit) @5   16 years ajj Tagging the 2.0 release version of USANS Reduction Macros
(edit) @4   16 years ajj Adding existing data to trunk
(edit) @3   16 years ajj Adding v2.0 of USANS Reduction macros as initial trunk
(add) @2   16 years ajj move files to sans subfolder
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