Milestone Analysis 4.0 Release

Completed 14 years ago (Jun 22, 2008 10:10:09 AM)


Total number of tickets: 15 - closed: 15 - active: 0


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Release of SANS and USANS Analysis Macros v4.0

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Closed Tickets

XOP Function documentation integrated with built-in help browser
Convert models to use SLDs for input rather than contrast
Video documentation
Documentation of new / changed features
Installers and Updaters for Macros
Phone home udpater
Add single model template to the release
global fit report - add parameter names
Summed Fit Redimensionalization of Hold_sum and epsilon_sum
"DATA SET" box
factor of two missing in cylinder diameter
Add a "check for updates" menu option
USANS fitting crashes if the whole data set is chosen with cursors
USANS Global fitting using wrong (last) data set
The multishellsphere model is not working

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