Milestone Analysis Wish List

Completed 12 years ago (Apr 16, 2010 3:10:51 PM)


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SANS Reduction

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Possible future components for analysis

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schematic and layout
Freeze Model is (still?) not data folder aware
Lamellar models do not put large enough epsilon to allow fitting
cursors are still not behaving properly on the fit wrapper
Fixed Slope for Invariant
1-D loader does not accept 2 column data sets
graphics in reports are not cross-platform compatible
Include option to save modified dataset in analysis package
Power law extrapolation in invariant fails
HPMSA and RPA code have problems with "extra" wave of information
include genetic optimization as an option for curve fitting
model picker panel off screen
Position panels based on screen resolution
Data set management tool
Have same set of packages in Analysis as in Reduction
Determine sensitivity of fits to parameters
Resw different length from data
Fit result appearing on graph rather than in Analysis control panel
stability Igor interface
test ticket

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