Milestone SANSReduction_5.1_Release

Completed 14 years ago (Jun 22, 2008 10:10:27 AM)


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SANS Reduction

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Minor release with the latest tweaks, fixes, and facility-specific separation.

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Closed Tickets

Large angle correction to detector efficiency
NSORT default to NO autoscale to get user intervention if bad overlap
Trans = 1 panel not cleaning up after itself
Improper Parsing of MASK file in protocol
NSORT - show scaling before prompting for writing the file
2D ASCII from VAX != 2D ASCII from IGOR
Need to re-order the corrections that are done for 2D export
Better Automation of Transmission Assign and Calculate
Feedback button
Documentation updates
Move internal folders to NIST-safe location
Open question - would it be a good idea to move SASCALC to be a part of the Reduction package?
Using the detector pixel size from the data file, not from a global constant
Force a re-load of each EMP and BGD file during reduction
New template 5.1 for distribution package
Igor 6 pragma for SANS Reduction
wrong transmission?
problem with web broser
possible bug and comments on reduction beta
angstrom display in SASCALC
Qx and Qy from the live cursor readout are incorrrect
Odd behavior of NSORT with repeated preview
File extension defaults to .txt
Sample Label is lost after NSORT

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