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Things to Consider When You Bring a Puppy to Your Home

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One of the greatest joys in life is when you bring your new puppy home for the very first time. You can search for 'golden retriever price' if you want a golden retriever. If you are wondering for pets for sale, this blog will guide you through what to expect and assist you in helping your puppy settle into his or her new surroundings. While bringing a puppy to your home, you should consider few things -

Being prepared for your puppy’s arrival
The joy and excitement you get when bringing a new puppy into your home and into your life can be one of the most magical and memorable experiences for you and your family. However, many first-time ‘puppy parents’ find out very quickly that there is a lot more that goes into taking care of a new puppy than they had bargained or prepared for. This is especially true during the puppy’s first few days and nights in a new and unfamiliar place – your home!
BEFORE your new puppy arrives, it’s important to do your homework and prepare a few things in advance, to help keep puppy safe and to mitigate some of the disruptive situations that may arise during puppy’s first few days and nights at home.

Introducing puppy to kids
Kids and puppies go together like cookies and milk. They become fast friends who grow up together, developing powerful memories during childhood. Depending on the age of your children, there are several things to be aware of in terms of puppy and children dynamics to ensure that both sides are safe, happy, and healthy.
First, it’s important to not let your baby or toddler share pretty much anything with a new puppy. Puppies have no filter when it comes to deciding what they lick or gnaw at, and you don’t want those germs going anywhere near your baby’s mouth. Both babies and puppies have food and toys that the other one could choke on or get sick from. So, it’s best to make sure puppy has his own space for his things blocked off from the baby, and that the baby’s items are out of reach from the puppy.

Hygiene and home grooming
Grooming is also an essential part of your puppy’s overall health and wellbeing. While it may sound like a luxury, think of how as humans most of us consider keeping up with bathing, trimming our nails, and washing, brushing, and cutting our hair as necessities for our personal health and wellbeing. They help you avoid awkward stares in public as well. A puppy is no different than us in that regard, and keeping up with puppy’s hygiene and grooming at home should be a regular part of his or her routine.

If you do this consistently and treat grooming time as fun time, puppy will start to get excited about being groomed and will likely be a willing participant moving forward. If you do NOT do this, and treat grooming as a chore, getting frustrated with puppy during bath time, then future hygiene sessions will most likely turn into stressful, high-anxiety situations for both of you. Remember that keeping puppy clean and happy is key to keeping puppy healthy.

Safety around food
Puppies are tempted by the smells and aromas of all types of food products. As puppy ‘parents’, we are also tempted to share a yummy human treat with our fur baby, without realizing that it may be harmful. Just like plants, the list of plant- and meat-based foods that are dangerous for dogs is extensive. So, we want to provide you with healthy treat options that you can share with your adult dog – in moderation. If an adverse reaction occurs with any of the food recommendations below, call your vet immediately.

When we were kids, our curiosity often got the best of us, which is why if we didn’t already learn the hard way, many of us were taught to avoid touching or putting strange things in our mouths or playing with or around things that could hurt us.

Puppies are just as curious, if not MORE curious, than little kids. Since it would be very difficult to teach puppies to distinguish on their own between what is and isn’t safe, it is OUR job as responsible dog ‘parents’ to keep our pups out of harm’s way, while providing proper training and care.

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