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How to Create a Great Sign Design

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A good sign design should have an eye-catching, bold font. This makes the sign easy to read for passersby. There are different types of fonts, so use the right one for the right purpose. For example, a display font would be appropriate for headlines, and a body copy font would be appropriate for body copy. Avoid using more than two fonts, as this could confuse the viewer. Some popular types of fonts for signs include Helvetica and Garamond.

Colors are a key element in effective sign design. Use contrasting colors to attract attention and make the message stand out. Black text on a white background works best, while navy blue on a dark background isn't as effective. Understanding color psychology is a must when it comes to designing a sign, as different colors can influence people's behavior and purchases.

Many signs today combine several functions. For instance, an identification sign may include directional information, as well as information about an organization. In addition, wall murals are also considered signs, although they don't have advertising objectives. Signs can also serve other functions, such as enhancing the overall look of a space.

Many sign designs fail to make their messages as effective as possible. This can be a result of bad wording. Often, marketing messages are tossed together without thought. The words used on a sign should be chosen carefully, according to its primary purpose. Choosing the right words will make the message clear and precise.

In addition to choosing the right font style, you should also consider legibility. Legibility is the ability of people to read the letters on the sign. When a letter is difficult to read, it is unlikely that someone will read it. Therefore, it's crucial to choose the right font size and letter height. Use the Letter Sizing Calculator to calculate how big the letters should be for optimal readability.

The process of creating a sign can be complicated. Most signage is made from plastic or sheet aluminum, which means that designers need to know how the materials and manufacturing processes to work. It's important to choose a sign design that complements the building's architecture and stands out from the environment. Otherwise, the sign may fail to serve its purpose.

As a business owner, it's important to understand that sign design is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. A good sign design can help you create a lasting impression on potential customers and increase foot traffic. Ultimately, a sign can make or break your business. So, take the time to design the right signage for your business.

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