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What to Know About Sex Crimes in Clearwater, Florida

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Sex crimes are crimes that involve the sexual or physical abuse of a person, or the exploitation of that person, for sexual gratification or profit. The most common sex crimes in Florida involve the sexual abuse of a person or the forcible rape of a person. Other sex crimes involve the production or distribution of pornography, the sexual touching of someone who has not given consent, or the sexual touching of an undercover officer or agent. The laws in Florida regarding sex crimes are complex and often overlap with other laws such as those related to drugs and alcohol, sexual assault, and more.

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Florida, it is critical that you contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Click here to learn more about how a sex crime lawyer can help you. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to help you understand the allegations against you, help build a defense, and explore possible plea deals.

The Impact of a Sex Crime Charge

The consequences of being charged with a sex crime are often devastating. Not only can a sex crime conviction affect your job, your ability to secure future employment, your ability to obtain future jobs, and more, but a sex crime conviction can also have a lifelong impact on your personal life. Many sex crimes require the person charged with the sex crime to register themselves as a sex offender, which can have a negative impact on the person's ability to find employment, housing, and other locations where their presence can be kept secret. The weight of a sex crime charge can also be felt by the family of a person charged.

Potential Defenses Against a Sex Crime Accusation

Because witnesses to a sex crime are typically not present except the individuals themselves, the credibility of the accused victim's testimony and the relevance of forensic evidence are frequently the deciding factors in these instances. As a result of this, a wide variety of defenses to claims of sex crimes may be raised:

Pretrial Defenses: Individuals who have received false accusations of a sex crime may potentially be able to avoid an indictment by the production of evidence to counter the allegations. This evidence may include the results of a polygraph test, psychological evaluations, evidence that the alleged victim has previously falsely accused someone else, or letters that support the defendant's character. Pretrial defenses

Defenses at the Time of the Trial: Typical defenses will include an alibi (the defendant could not have been present at the time the crime was carried out), mistaken identity on the part of the claimed victim, or psychiatric difficulties that stopped the defendant from comprehending what he (or possibly she) was doing at the time of the crime. A person's innocence can also be proved by the use of forensic testing of their DNA.

Affirmative defenses are those in which the defendant admits to having committed a sexual offense but argues it should not count as a crime for one or more of the following reasons: the victim consented to participation in the sexual act; the defendant did not use any force, threats, or even put the alleged victim under any duress; the alleged victim consented to the sexual act; the defendant did not place the alleged victim under duress. An affirmative style of defense is not an admission of guilt; rather, it is an explanation of the reasons why the conduct could not be considered a criminal.

In the end, being accused of a sexual offense is a very serious issue, and any conviction for such an offense will have long-lasting effects, including making it harder for you to get a job or even a place to live. Because of this, having proactive legal representation is necessary. Hanlon Law's criminal defense attorneys in Clearwater have years of expertise and are dedicated to protecting their clients' legal rights.

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