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PrimeXBT cryptocurrency trading is a one-stop trading platform that can assist in trading cryptocurrencies, most other key stock indices, and a wide range of international currencies. In this article, you will learn more about the cryptocurrency trading platform so far.

Adjusting the trading interface
By adjusting the platform layout, and widgets; you might make a workspace that fits your demands. It is completed by taking the “Add Widget” button. Next, the platform has offered the choice to add a range of various widgets for exchanges:

  • Watchlist widget: it can make you keep track of various trading pairs with the newest market data.
  • Diagram widget: You might open the trading diagram on the workspace, and use it to track by taking engineering indicators.
  • Positions widget: This choice can present all the available active positions which you get; you might customize them from there.
  • Dashboard widget: you might approach and use the order forms with the particular pairs which you have chosen by yourself.

Here are various widgets which you could insert, like order history; alerts, and account widgets.

Leverage trading
The simplest solution to image margin trading is by taking the division. For instance, if you have chosen leverage which is times to 10; then you could hope the expense of the position to be decreased by the factor of 10. In reality, it can be split by 10.

It makes you trade the chosen pair by borrowing from the PrimeXBT trading platform. Certainly, the greater the margin is; the more funds you get to borrow, and it’s why fees can even take more, and the liquidation price can be closer.

PrimeXBT provides you with up to 1:100 leverage on the digital properties on its platform. The primary item to know is that traders are offered to purchase, or sell power right away, which is equivalent to 100x times their balance.

Traders could simply make the leverage by customizing the position size than changing the leverage level itself such as the other margin trading exchanges. For instance, the client might open around a 5 BTC position during getting the 1 BTC deposit on the trading account, which can lead to a great 5x leverage.

Tips for trading Bitcoin with leverage on PrimeXBT
Before you begin, you might get to fund the trading account. To make it, move to the “Account summary” site, and hit on “fund trading account”. When you get funds available on the trading account; you might hit on “Trade” from the top navigation bar.

At this time, we have adjusted the trading interface, and it’s how that seems. You might do the same if you enjoy the outlook. As for the left side, you might see the watchlist. There is a drop-down button that claims “All markets”, and you might take it to pick out the specific market you need to trade. When it comes to that guide, we might use Crypto, since the pair which we might trade is the USD/BTC.

Open a position
At this time, above the coin diagram, you might recognize double buttons such as buy and sell the chosen property.

When you click one of them, it can pose the extra window in which you might choose the particular kind of order you need to place.

Here are main four current order types as

  • Limit order: it displays that you might set the order price manually by taking the Limit Price Ticker.
  • OCO orders: It is a super cool attribute that makes you put double orders at the same time.
  • Market order: It shows that the position might get filled at the ideal price in the competitive market.
  • Stop order: it can fill the position when the stop price is reached.

In brief, OCO sits for one cancels another – it might stimulate you to greatly minimize the potential risk during trading by placing the next order, which can cancel the traditional one when the set price is reached.

Close a position
As for the right side, you might look for a little “X” mark which you could press if you need to close it. When you do, it is the screen that can pop up. At this time, you might select the precise amount of BTC that you need to close from the position, and while you input it, you could straightforwardly click the blue button.

Closing Ideas
That’s all about the PrimeXBT copy trading platform. Last but not least, you could drop us more comments below if needed. Thank you so much!

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