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Getting a B in OET

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If you are a medical professional wanting to immigrate to an English-speaking country or want to work in an English-speaking hospital in the Middle East (think Doha, Qatar, Dubai) then OET has become the exam to take.

However, many people struggle to get a qualifying score on OET. In this post we will look at how OET is scored and how to get a ​B in OET in all modules.

OET Scoring Pattern

All the subsections or modules in OET are scored over a number scale of 0 to 500. For you to get a B in each section you will have to get at least a 350. A B in OET is equivalent to a 7.0 in IELTS. Remember that in OET each answer does not have the same score. Challenging answers have greater weight than easy answers.

In Listening and Reading there is a detailed marking guide which will indicate the weight of each question. The assessors use this guide to decide if your answer is correct and if it is, how many marks should be assigned to each of those answers.

If you wish to discuss how a particular OET paper is evaluated, you could have a free session with one of the evaluators at First Academy. Since FA is the only institute that has OET authors as trainers, the information you receive can be relied upon.

Why is it difficult to get a B in OET?

With a little bit of an effort, it is not difficult to get a B in the listening and the speaking modules of OET. If you are careful and pay attention to what the questions require from you, getting a B in reading will also not be a challenge. It is the writing that presents the greatest challenge for most OET takers.

How can one get a B in OET Writing?

As with any other test, writing is a tricky skill to master. However, with OET, the advantage is that there is only one question type and understanding what the question requires from you is half the battle.
One way to understand writing is to take a look at as many ​OET writing samples as possible. There are many reputable blogs, like the First Academy blog, which give you detailed sample answers that will allow you to go towards not just a B in OET but towards an A – even in writing!

Can I get trained for free?

They say the best things in life are free. That is true to an extent. If you want to get a free, detailed writing evaluation or a free session of OET, the guys at First Academy will be able to help. Ask them for a free session or do a google search for First Academy OET and you will be directed to a page where you can request for a free session or a free test.

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