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The first racing game to become popular in arcades was Pole Position (1982), developed by Namco Limited of Japan and published in the United States by Atari Inc. The single-player game had Formula 1 racing vehicles, 8-bit color graphics, the Fuji Speedway in Japan's racetrack, and rivalry with multiple computer-controlled vehicles. The game has been converted to a number of home video game consoles, including the iPhone from Apple Inc. Final Lap, a multiplayer follow-up that utilized numerous 16-bit Motorola, Inc. computer chips, was released by Namco and Atari in 1987.

With the introduction of 32-bit arcade machines, realistic driving standards were adhered to even more strictly. Virtua Racing (1992), from the Sega Corporation of Japan, and Namco's Ridge Racer were two of these more well-known newer games (1993).
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Auto racing games were popular on 8-bit home video systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES; 1983) and the Sega Master System from the very beginning, frequently being converted from early arcade platforms (1985). Some enduring racing series were established with the introduction of 16-bit home systems, such as the Sega Genesis (1988) and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES; 1990). Super Mario Kart (1992), a go-kart racing game that has been improved in sequels for each of the company's following platforms, served as the starting point for Nintendo's Mario Kart series.
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