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What Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

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A criminal defense lawyer refers to an attorney who provides legal defense for individuals accused of crimes. A criminal defense lawyer is typically hired by the defendant to fight charges in a criminal case and to protect their clients' rights. The defense lawyer is the defendant's main advocate during this process. Go here for more information.

What Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

  1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Negotiate a Plea Deal

The defendant may plead guilty without going to trial. The criminal defense lawyer can negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor to minimize the charges and punishment. They can also negotiate a plea deal with the judge that will keep the defendant out of prison.

  1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Argue for a Lesser Sentence

If the defendant is convicted, the criminal defense lawyer will try to persuade the judge to sentence the client to a less serious charge. This can include a conviction on different charges from what was originally outlined in the indictment. The client may plead guilty to a less serious offense.

  1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help the Defendant Avoid Felony Charges

A criminal defense lawyer can also try to persuade prosecutors and law enforcement officers not to pursue serious felony charges against their clients. They also can petition for charges to be dropped or reduced in exchange for a guilty plea and voluntary compliance with court requirements.

  1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Fight Search Warrants and Subpoenas

If the client is facing criminal charges, the government may try to seize evidence or information related to the case. The defendant's criminal defense lawyer will try to fight these requests to keep the information confidential.

  1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help the Defendant Win on Appeal if Convicted

The criminal defense lawyer may try to help the client appeal their conviction if they are found guilty. They may file a motion for a new trial. If that doesn't work, they can submit an appeal and argue for elimination or reduction of sentence, bail, probation, or any other aspect of the conviction.

  1. Help the Client with the Civil Case

If a criminal case results in a civil action, the criminal defense lawyer might help to negotiate certain terms of settlement or to prepare an appeal. They can also help their client avoid prosecution by responding to subpoenas and filings in civil cases. This will also help their clients to obtain damages from the government and avoid wrongful prosecution.

  1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Represent the Client in Deportation Cases

Individuals who are arrested for a criminal charge and are not U.S. citizens may be deported from the U.S., even if they did not originally intend to remain in the country illegally. Criminal defense lawyers can help clients to stay out of trouble and avoid a period of detention while the case is pending.

What To Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

1) Knowledgeable

A criminal defense lawyer should possess a strong background in criminal law. They should know how to negotiate with the prosecution or the judge to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

2) Experienced

They should be experienced in handling hundreds of cases involving a variety of issues. Criminal attorneys should be experienced in all aspects of criminal defense and have the education and training to be able to deal with the complicated legal issues involved in criminal cases.

3) Diligent and Thorough

You need someone who will thoroughly investigate your case. A thorough investigation is important to ensure that all viable defenses are found.

4) Tenacious

A good criminal defense lawyer will work hard for you and never give up. They will fight hard for your rights and help you to receive the best possible outcome for your case.

5) Outstanding Communication Skills

You need a criminal defense lawyer that keeps its client's informed about the status of their case. They answer all inquiries promptly and fully, explaining legal issues in plain English that can be easily understood by anyone.

6) Affordable Fees

They should charge a reasonable fee for representing clients both in the initial consultation and throughout the legal representation. They should provide a flat fee instead of an hourly rate.


If you are the subject of a criminal investigation or were charged with a crime, find an assertive criminal defense lawyer who can assist you in developing a strategy designed to help you seek a favorable result. They need to work hard to help you find the best defense possible under your current charges.

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