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Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction - Is It Possible?

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Watching porn may banish erections during intercourse, but is the brain or the manhood really the problem?

Most men don't think they are even looking at that much phim xxx, but can't really figure out what else it might be. Alcohol cannot be a part to play if erection issues still exist whilst sober. Many may wonder why a perfectly healthy guy in his sexual peek, with an attractive partner, can suddenly be dealing with erection issues.

This, unfortunately, is a question that is being asked more and more, indicating that erectile dysfunction is no longer an issue that mainly affects men over 50. It is now affecting men of all ages across the globe. We now have a generation of younger men who are in search of that miracle blue pill solution.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that affects millions of men just in the US alone. This issue occurs when a man is unable to maintain or achieve an erection before intercourse. There are two categories that cause erectile dysfunction: physical and physiological links.

Physical health issues can be the most likely cause of erectile dysfunction, particularly in older men. Diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are often linked with problems in the bedroom. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid these type of ED issues. For younger men, ED can often be caused by psychological issues like stress, anxiety or depression or poor sexual experiences. Porn can desensitize the brain from normal sexual arousal.

Erectile Dysfunction and Porn Often Go Hand in Hand

There is a new scientific term called porn induced erectile dysfunction. This happens when a person has used so much porn that they no longer want to enjoy or carry out regular sexual intercourse. Many men for example can:

  1. Get super hard when looking at porn, but when they are with a real woman struggle to get and maintain an erection.
  1. Think about porn when having sex with their wife or partner.

Very simply put, men who use a lot of porn are much more likely to suffer from ED symptoms than men who don't use it. These days, porn is readily available. It all free, easy to view within seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pornography can have a negative effect on a man's brain and sex conditioning. This means some men do not desire from sex in real life, because it doesn't provide the fantasy expectations they have become so familiar with.


Drugs such as Viagra can help a man overcome psychological issues and boost confidence. However, the only solution for phim xxx is to give up pornography for a period of two- three months. This will help your brain to reboot from the influx of dopamine and sexual fantasy and prevent losing response to pleasure even further.

The good news is that porn-induced erectile dysfunction is treatable. There are ample natural male enhancement or better libido advertisements promising men a better sex drive and improved erections and vitality.

Well, it gets many men thinking, especially if they are unhappy with their sex lives and simply looking for products to help. If your sexual issue has to do with the physical functioning of your manhood, then these might help. Reversing erection issues is possible, but it requires stopping the behavior rather than turning to pills.

If your brain isn't turned on, neither is your manhood, this is the final reality. Why not try stopping the porn first, looking at ways to enhance your sex life further too? For erectile dysfunction help, simple lifestyle changes, improved diet and vitamins can be beneficial.

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