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Nutritional Smoothie Additions For Vegans - Best Vitamins For Vegans

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Some vegans find themselves wondering if they are getting adequate amounts of different Best Vitamins For Vegans and nutrients. However, if you make a habit of drinking homemade smoothies, you can add in ingredients that will ensure that you are getting a wide variety of nutrients. From fruits, to leafy greens, to helpful seeds and oils, there is virtually no limit to the beneficial ingredients that you can puree into a homemade smoothie. If you are looking for creative ideas, here are a few smoothie additions that you can try.

Chia seeds are also known as running food. These seeds are almost pure protein and pack an energy punch that does not let you come crashing down like caffeine does. Chia seeds absorb a great deal of water. To use them in a smoothie, soak them for a few hours in nine parts water to one part seeds. The seeds will expand to form a chia gel that you can then spoon into a smoothie. The energy contained in the chia seeds will help to ensure that your homemade smoothie gives you a burst that will last all day.

Flax seeds are another helpful addition to homemade smoothies. Flax seeds come from the flax plant and provide a wide variety of benefits. The essential fatty acids contained in flax seeds can help to improve cardiovascular health, ease depression, and lower the risk of breast cancer. The best way to use flax seeds in a smoothie is to grind them in a coffee grinder first, since grinding is what releases the nutrients. You will want to start using flax seeds in moderation since large amounts can have unpleasant side effects.

Coconut oil is a smoothie addition that many vegans find very helpful. It has a wide variety of benefits and you can add a few tablespoons at a time to a smoothie. Coconut oil has been used by Europeans as far back as the 15th century and was used in other cultures long before that. Some of its most significant benefits include the ability to balance blood sugar and increase energy levels. It can also help to improve cardiovascular health and lower overall cholesterol levels. If you are looking for a healthy addition to your green smoothies, then coconut oil is one that you should definitely consider.

As a vegan, if you are truly concerned about getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, you can choose to take the Best Vitamins For Vegans supplement. Many people find that this works best if they take a specific supplement for a vitamin that you are deficient in. Although it is usually best to get your vitamins from food there are several high quality vitamins that can be used to effectively supplement a healthy diet. If you have difficulty with swallowing or taking some of these vitamins, then adding them to a healthy smoothie can be an effective solution. You can hide the taste or texture of your vitamins with fruit or other additions and still get all of the benefits.

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