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Etsy'de satış yapmak

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If you want to start e-exporting quickly, selling on Etsy may be the perfect option for you.

On Etsy , one of the world's largest e-commerce marketplaces, you can sell your designs, handmade products, art materials and thousands of other products to the whole world. Especially if you are an SME or entrepreneur selling your own products, you can start selling your products abroad and earn foreign currency by opening a shop, as it is possible to sell on Etsy from Turkey !

Etsy integration of ikas will be ready soon ! In this way , you will be able to connect your Etsy account to your e-commerce site that you have opened with the ikas infrastructure and manage all your sales from a single screen. We'll explain everything you wonder about opening a store on Etsy in this detailed Etsy selling guide.

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In this article we will answer the following questions:

How to Open a Store on Etsy?
What to Sell on Etsy
What Are Etsy Commission Rates?
How to Get Payments on Etsy
How to Increase Sales on Etsy?
Frequently Asked Questions About Etsy
Etsy Store Opening Guide
Selling on Etsy, how to open a store?
Naturally, you need to open a store before you can sell on Etsy . Unfortunately, there is no Turkish language option for now. Therefore, you will need to complete your membership procedures in English.

Don't worry, we'll explain below everything you need to do to open a shop on Etsy . In this way, even if you do not trust your knowledge of English, you can open your store and start e-commerce.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open your Etsy account

The first step you need to take before opening your own Etsy store is to open an Etsy account, for this follow the steps below:

Go to the Etsy Sell website.
Click the “ Get Started ” button in the middle of the screen that opens .
Enter your e-mail address and click the “ Continue ” button.
Enter your name on the screen that opens and set your password.
Or register automatically with one of the Google, Facebook, Apple options.
After logging into your account, you can enter the store opening page by clicking the “ Get Started” button again.
Step 2: Enter your Etsy shop information

After opening your account, you can start creating your own store. The first thing you need to do to open an Etsy store is to choose the language, country and currency options.

On the page that opens, select your preferred language, country and currency.
Choose the one that suits you best from the options just below the form.
Selling is my full-time job = Selling is my full-time job .
I sell part-time but hope to sell full- time
I sell part-time and that's how I like it
Other = Other
Click the “Save and continue” button.
Specify the name of your store on the page that opens and continue with “ Save and continue ”.
Step 3: Upload your products
After specifying the store name, you will be directed to the product download page. Here you can add the first product you want to sell.

Put a photo of your product from different angles in the “ Photos ” section. (Min:1, Max:10)
You can add a 5-15 second video about your product to the " Video " section.
In the "Listing details" section, enter your product's title, product-related information, category, refresh frequency, product type, description and other information.
In the “Inventory and pricing” section, select the price of the product, the local and international price difference, and the quantity you want in stock.
You can add different variants of the product in the “ Variations ” section.
The “Personalization” section gives your customers the option to customize their products.
In the "Shipping" section, you can enter the cargo and shipping information.
After filling in all the information, click the “ Save and continue ” button to continue.

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