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1z0-1085-22 Cert & 1z0-1085-22 Relevant Questions - 1z0-1085-22 Prepaway Dumps

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1z0-1085-22 Cert & 1z0-1085-22 Relevant Questions - 1z0-1085-22 Prepaway Dumps

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Which feature is not component of Oracle cloud Infrastructure identity and Access management service?

  • A. Network Security Group
  • B. User Credential
  • C. Policies
  • D. federation

Answer: A

Components of IAM
The cloud objects that your company's employees create and use when interacting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For example: compute instances, block storage volumes, virtual cloud networks (VCNs), subnets, route tables, etc.
An individual employee or system that needs to manage or use your company's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources. Users might need to launch instances, manage remote disks, work with your virtual cloud network, etc. End users of your application are not typically IAM users. Users have one or more IAM credentials (see User Credentials).
A collection of users who all need the same type of access to a particular set of resources or compartment.
A special type of group that contains resources (such as compute instances) that match rules that you define (thus the membership can change dynamically as matching resources are created or deleted). These instances act as "principal" actors and can make API calls to services according to policies that you write for the dynamic group.
A group of IP addresses that are allowed to access resources in your tenancy. The IP addresses can be public IP addresses or IP addresses from a VCN within your tenancy. After you create the network source, you use policy to restrict access to only requests that originate from the IPs in the network source.
A collection of related resources. Compartments are a fundamental component of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for organizing and isolating your cloud resources. You use them to clearly separate resources for the purposes of measuring usage and billing, access (through the use of policies), and isolation (separating the resources for one project or business unit from another). A common approach is to create a compartment for each major part of your organization. For more information, see Setting Up Your Tenancy.
The root compartment that contains all of your organization's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources. Oracle automatically creates your company's tenancy for you. Directly within the tenancy are your IAM entities (users, groups, compartments, and some policies; you can also put policies into compartments inside the tenancy). You place the other types of cloud resources (e.g., instances, virtual networks, block storage volumes, etc.) inside the compartments that you create.
A document that specifies who can access which resources, and how. Access is granted at the group and compartment level, which means you can write a policy that gives a group a specific type of access within a specific compartment, or to the tenancy itself. If you give a group access to the tenancy, the group automatically gets the same type of access to all the compartments inside the tenancy. For more information, see Example Scenario and How Policies Work. The word "policy" is used by people in different ways: to mean an individual statement written in the policy language; to mean a collection of statements in a single, named "policy" document (which has an Oracle Cloud ID (OCID) assigned to it); and to mean the overall body of policies your organization uses to control access to resources.
The region where your IAM resources reside. All IAM resources are global and available across all regions, but the master set of definitions reside in a single region, the home region. You must make changes to your IAM resources in your home region. The changes will be automatically propagated to all regions. For more information, see Managing Regions.
A relationship that an administrator configures between an identity provider and a service provider. When you federate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with an identity provider, you manage users and groups in the identity provider. You manage authorization in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's IAM service. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancies are federated with Oracle Identity Cloud Service by default.


A customer wants a dedicated and secure connection to their on-premises data center from their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources.
Which TWO OCI services can be used?
(Choose all correct answers)

  • A. Remote Peering connection
  • B. Internet Gateway
  • C. NAT Gateway
  • D. Site-to-Site VPN
  • E. FastConnect

Answer: A,B


What purpose does an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dynamic Routing Gateway Serve?

  • A. Enable OCI Compute instances to connect to the internal
  • B. Enables OCI Compute Instance to privately connect to OCI Object Storage
  • C. Enables OCI Compute instance to connect to on-promises environments
  • D. Enables OCI Compute instances to be reached from internet

Answer: C

You can think of a Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG) as a virtual router that provides a path for private traffic (that is, traffic that uses private IPv4 addresses) between your VCN and networks outside the VCN's region.
For example, if you use an IPSec VPN or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect (or both) to connect your on-premises network to your VCN, that private IPv4 address traffic goes through a DRG that you create and attach to your VCN. For scenarios for using a DRG to connect a VCN to your on-premises network, see Networking Scenarios. For important details about routing to your on-premises network, see Routing Details for Connections to Your On-Premises Network.
Also, if you decide to peer your VCN with a VCN in another region, your VCN's DRG routes traffic to the other VCN over a private backbone that connects the regions (without traffic traversing the internet). For information about connecting VCNs in different regions, see Remote VCN Peering (Across Regions).



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