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Back-Compatibility Testing

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From initial tests - starting with the current release version - and working a little with each package, generating graphs, loading data, saving protocols, etc. ::

  • Analysis seems to be OK. I didn't notice any issues here. The folder structure hadn't changed, so that may save us here. Analysis just needs some more testing to make sure we're really OK.
  • USANS was a mess. The buttons on the main panel didn't work any more, every click of a file in the .bt5 file list threw up open file dialogs rather than just displaying the raw data, plus more. I really couldn't find more, since these errors really killed everything. - So the question with USANS is - do we bother? How may people open up an old USANS reduction experiment?
  • SANS reduction was also a mess, but not quite as bad. Since the folders were also restructured, there are still some issues with NVARs not existing (and/or not being in the right place). But overall, not terrible. Somewhere, the new data folder structure is generated, so there are two sets of work folders, one at root, and one at the new sub location. May be confusion, maybe nobody notices. - This may be fixable.

-- Some of the big issues are the new data folder structure - that doesn't exist, some new global variables and strings, and new functionality on panels. They won't be re-drawn unless they are killed and re-opened (and the main panels are designed to be hard to kill). This may be something that a startup hook can do - a sort of "cleanup", but I've never had much luck with such hooks. They never run at the right time.

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My 2c: I wouldn't worry too much about it. Make it clear to users that old reduction experiments won't work - this shouldn't be an issue as all the relevant info is in the headers after reduction.

More important is Analysis being backward compatible as this is much much more likely to be kept and revisited by users (and certainly by me, so I want it to work!)

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Should (mostly) be compatible. But since we have no real control over what versions of procedures are loaded, and there are so may combinations of loaded procedures that will simply fail to compile. It's just going to be something we'll have to take our lumps with. If there's a really glaring, common failure, we'll need to figure out a solution, but wait and see is our best option given the amount of underlying changes we've made since the last release.

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